Investors are sending up the warning flag that the entire western world is about to experience a slowdown that cannot be pushed aside by modern accounting or the media after reports showed that China, long considered the bellweather to the American economy as far as what is going to happen within the next 6 months in american manufacturing, is experiencing a contraction that can only be seen as a vision of what is coming to the world as the nation’s factory activity is shown to have contracted more than expected in October falling short for the second month in a row, with investors warning that increasingly high raw material prices and a negative drive in national demand

This is a sign of what is coming to america warns one researchers. There was considerably more economic distress in the final quarter of 2021 in combination with a shortfall in manufacturing that can only be viewed as a contraction in recovery. This is everyone’s worst nightmare he goes on to warn.

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We saw this coming – complaints and actions meant to reduce police presence across the USA have led to an increase in crime and a surging call among the affected populations to increase militarization of the police to deal with increasing crime and violence.

This is a dangerous ground to stand on – most criminals act because they believe that they have a chance to get away with it. Like it or not, the threat of retribution through incarceration is a deterrent for the majority that have not already been institutionalized so without a police presence, you have new types of criminals that take advantage of those changes.


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