Police issue warning about dangerous new TikTok challenge sweeping US

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Some Teens are so STUPID! Can’t they find anything else to do that doesn’t involve hurting people!?!

Send them to Ukraine to see what it is like to get shot.


A dangerous new TikTok challenge has police across the country reporting incidents of injury to people, and even arrests of teenagers.

The “Orbeez challenge” encourages users to sneak attack unsuspecting people with a gel pellet gun.

Reports have come out about incidents in areas surrounding Philadelphia, Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, the Bay Area and more.

“We continue to see teenagers … discharging splat ball guns (Orbeez) at other people … even at innocent bystanders. Now they are modifying the beads to be more painful,” Peachtree City Police in Georgia wrote on Facebook.

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“Officers in Volusia County, Florida also warned of a string of Orbeez shootings in the area leading to four arrests so far,” police confirmed to The Post.





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