Police reform may quell some of the distress. But there’s about to be a massive drop-off in help for the unemployed. And that’s when things may explode.

by mark000


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“I don’t think we can ignore the fact that this civil unrest is happening against the backdrop of 20 percent unemployment,”


In a June 2 statement before the Senate Banking Committee, on which he is the top Democrat, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) sought to connect the issues gripping the country: “Our job is to show victims of systemic racism at the hands of their own government that the same government will protect them from this pandemic—that we hear them, that we see them, that we are fighting for them,” said Brown. “And that their lives matter.” Asked in an interview if a failure to further extend economic relief could impact protests, Brown said he didn’t want to predict anything. “What I will predict is, if we don’t move until July, the economic damage is going to broaden and deepen, and the hole to climb out of will be much harder to ascend,” he told The Daily Beast. “Everything that’s happening now makes it more urgent.”

Finally some people putting one and one together……


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