Police Tackle Bicyclist for Not Having Headlights, breaks his leg in 3 place

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Then they arrest him for eluding police when he didn’t even know they were after him.
Supposedly these headlight laws are for the protection of the bike riders and others, so these kooky cops tackle the poor guy, break his leg in three places, arrest him on fraudulent charges,…. to help make sure the bike rider is protected. WTF?

I sure hope this cop gets fired, this is so stupid and dangerous what ever happened to actually doing a legitimate stop and ticket the guy?

Caught on Tape: Police Tackle Bicyclist for Not Having Headlights

“Newly released police body camera footage shows an officer tackling a 43-year-old man for riding his bicycle on Christmas Eve 2018 without a light.

“The Virginian-Pilot obtained a copy of the nearly 30-minute body camera video, which was submitted as an exhibit to the case a few weeks ago by [Derrick] Rountree’s attorney, Christian Connell. The Pilot is publishing the first two minutes of the video, which show Christie exit his police cruiser and chase and tackle Rountree,” the newspaper reported. “Rountree’s right leg was broken in three places when the officer fell on him, according to the lawsuit.”

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The body camera was worn by Norfolk Police Officer Aaron Christie.

“Rountree was charged afterward with the headlight infraction, as well as obstruction of justice. The obstruction charge was later dismissed, and Rountree was fined $15 for not having a headlight, court records show,” the newspaper reported. “The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Norfolk in December 2020, argues Rountree’s actions on the video show he posed no threat to anyone, and was riding too slowly for police to claim he was fleeing from them.”

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