Polish Health Minister Tells Pfizer Delivery of Any More Vaccines “Pointless”; Asks For Money Back

One country has now lost patience in the face of the tough negotiations, and is venting its anger. The Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski on Tuesday sent a letter to the “shareholders of Pfizer” [which] says that the delivery of hundreds of millions of doses planned by Pfizer despite a “stable epidemic situation” is “completely pointless”.

The excess doses can no longer even be given away; there is no government “interested” in Covid vaccines, said the minister …

Niedzielski also breaks prior agreements on the confidentiality of talks between governments, pharmaceutical companies and the mediating EU Commission … [and] reveals what Pfizer is offering the states: They’ll reduce the total quantity of the outstanding orders, in exchange for half the price of each dose that is not produced: “That’s a charge for literally non-existent doses that were never produced and will never be produced and that don’t cost Pfizer a penny.”
No wonder there has been such urgency to keep these negotiations secret.

Niedzielski writes that he is “extremely” sorry, but he is forced to conclude that the company is not prepared to show “a satisfactory level of flexibility and make any realistic proposals”. … The health minister called on Pfizer to “live up to its responsibility towards EU citizens and member states and work in good faith towards a solution that is fair for everyone”. Poland wants to continue to believe that the pharmaceutical industry is not only about money.


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In the past 3 years, the EU leadership has indebted all member states for hundreds of billions of euros in order to buy fake vaccines, they have filled the pockets of pharmacists and caused inflation, and their ideas are getting more and more dangerous and crazy

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski calls on pharma giant to come to more favorable terms in negotiations with EU.

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