Political Prosecution of Julian Assange Rejected by British Judge

by Martin Armstrong

A British judge rules against the abuse of political prosecution of  Julian Assange which has become standard in the United States and Congress refuses to ever investigate. The mere fact that this case has made it to court let alone gone on this long is an example of political prosecutions that are a disgrace to the United States. Assange was indicted in 2019 by the Department of Justice on 18 counts, alleging 17 forms of espionage and one instance of computer misuse crimes connected to WikiLeaks’ dissemination of secret U.S. military documents provided to him by ex-U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. Assange denied the charges and claimed the documents exposed war crimes and abuses by the U.S. military in Iraq.

When they took my lawyers away and threw me in contempt on an 18 month statute for 7 years, my lawyer Richard Altman’s parting words to me – “You should have ran.” Richard said I should have run to Britain and they would have had to put on a case there to extradite me back. When you are a political prisoner, you realize how corrupt the US legal system really is. My judge Richard Owen had dementia. He would sometimes forget who I was. There is no possible way to confront a judge on such an issue – they all protect each other and deny you a fair trial along with any hope of Due Process of Law. (OWEN-Life Tenure for Federal Judges Raises Issues of Senility, Dementia – ProPublica)

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Tampering with court transcripts is considered a serious crime. Court Transcripts are required by law to be sworn by the court reporter. None of my transcripts are signed and none comply with the law because Judge Owen would change whatever he liked. I had even written to Dorthy Heyl, the SEC attorney, and said what is the point of going to court? Just make up a transcript say I confessed to whatever you wanted even the murder of JFK and everyone will believe it because it is a court. She never responded. Even when I got to the Supreme Court and they ordered the government to explain how I could be held in contempt for 7 years on an 18-month statute, they had to release me. Judge Castel admonished the press says how could you think this man is innocent. He went on a berating quest against the press. He removed all of that from the transcript as well to hide what he had done.

It was a tremendous victory for all to have the case against the political prosecution of  Julian Assange denied. Unfortunately, Assange needs to be pardoned by Trump – NOW! The Department of Just Us will hunt him down and arrest him in any other country he visits. They will be ruthless and they refuse to consider that they are every wrong of traitors to the Constitution. Due Process of Law does not exist in the United States. They have corrupted the courts all the way to the Supreme Court. The United States will not survive long-term without the rule of law.


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