Political Responses to Terror Are Sorely Lacking – This is NOT Good Enough

by Mark Angelides

After yet another terror attack in the city of London, once again the political elites have marshaled their ideas and forces and done absolutely nothing. It is becoming almost a joke, and would be funny if it weren’t for the tragic loss of life that accompanies these attacks, Politicians, who are tasked with defending the nation, seem unable to muster anything more than empty platitudes…It’s just not enough.
So far today, I have read the responses of the British Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, The Foreign Secretary and the leader of the opposition…All were bland and completely unhelpful. They talked about how their thoughts were with the victims and their families (fortunately no deaths in this one), and gave praise to the emergency services. Oh, and encouraged us to get on with our lives as usual.
But I don’t think this is anywhere near enough. In fact, I would say that this response is basically no response at all. Why is it that action is not being taken when the answers are not that tricky to figure out? If I were of a more paranoid bent, I would suggest that it is because they do not want to stop the terror attacks, or the ensuing division that is created in society.
According to the European Union’s chief of Terrorism, there are likely 25,000 to 35,000 “at risk” suspects presently living in the United Kingdom and not enough resources to deal with them all. Now call me crazy, but doesn’t it seem that there are some simple measures that could be taken to , if not eradicate, at least lessen the threat?
Here’s my Desert Island Top Five for dealing with Britain’s Islamic terrorism threat:

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  1. Any person who is on the Government “Watch List” and is not a citizen of the United Kingdom should be immediately deported.
  2. No visas should be granted for entry for people who cannot pass a basic terrorism background check. This will be easier once the UK has extricated itself from the EU. It is, in fact, this vetting process that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are using and the reason that the EU is trying to sue them for not taking in their “quota of refugees.”
  3. Returning Jihadis should be imprisoned immediately upon their return to the UK (or if not British citizens, deported).
  4. Prosecute anyone found to be working with or aiding terrorism to the full extent of the law.
  5. Prosecute those who refuse to their duty for “fear of being called racist.” This was the case in Rotherham where the police and local councilors refused to investigate Muslim grooming gangs for fear of upsetting the local Muslim community. This resulted in 1,400 young British girls being sexually assaulted, trafficked and raped.

These are not extreme measures, but they are measures non the less. The question is why are they not being done RIGHT NOW!


5 thoughts on “Political Responses to Terror Are Sorely Lacking – This is NOT Good Enough”

  1. Dear Mark;
    Perhaps you ‘didn’t get the memo’, but EVERY ‘act of terror’ in the US has been an FBI plot. I’d bet my bank account it’s the same where these other ‘security services’ exist, justifying their budgets.
    Look at that ‘bucket bomb’. IT’S BARELY MARKED! Please tell me how this is possible – unless it’s made from the same material as Dorner’s ID’s and the ‘hijacker’s’ passports of 9/11.
    The patsies would expose their controllers; FBI, CIA, Mossad, MI5. But then, no one’s listening, anyway. A quick look back at the FIRST Twin Towers bombing had the Middle East patsy RECORDING his conversations with the FBI;
    “This a FAKE bomb you want me to pick up, right?”
    To this day, find someone….ANYONE….that remembers this.

    • Absolutely, and the 7/7 London train bombing is proof enough that they do it over there just the same. Just like 9/11, 7/7 couldn’t have been pulled off without at the very least massive inside assistance.

    • It goes even further Occams: Operation Gladio. That was a NATO run terrorism campaign decades long in Italy and other EU countries.
      There HAS to be an currently undisclosed similar operation domestically.
      NATO RAN TERRORIST OPERATIONS ON THEIR OWN POPULATIONS FOR YEARS. NATO is a little girly man compared to what the US is capable of doing…so when those disclosures come out, hold on to your hats.
      I can’t tell if the “independent” media is independent or media anymore. I can’t tell if by coercion, or compliance or what, do stories like this get written. I’m growing concerned.

  2. I’d agree if those attacks actually were what the media are saying they are. But they aren’t. They’re staged.
    We’re in the middle of the ramp-up to the 3rd big war they’ve been planning since 1871 (note how the first 2 big wars happened exactly as Pike described them some 40 years before any of it started!)
    They’re setting us up to start a war between Zionism (US, Israel, Western Europe) and Islam (Iran and allies). They have operatives on both sides – their Imams preach CIA-style Jihadism to the people in Islamic countries, and their operatives here preach that Muslims are terrorists and need to be eliminated. They’ve succeeded when the people at large are ready to go to war with Iran (which has done nothing wrong). Because they gassed their own people. And they throw babies out of incubators. And they have weapons of mass destruction. And they’re buying yellowcake from Nigeria. And they’re sending the Jews to gas chambers.
    Currently, it looks like they may need to revise their plan because apparently Russia isn’t doing what they’re told – so they’ll likely add a 4th war that will be the West vs. Russia. I’m not yet sure whether they want to run that in parallel with the 3rd war, or before, or after – and I have the impression they don’t have that one figured out themselves yet. They were too sure of the “fact” that once they control a country, they control it forever and it can’t (even partially) break free.
    Anything that furthers their war agenda is a bad idea – and that includes any saber-rattling against Muslims at large. The enemy is not Muslims, but the puppeteers behind the curtains on both sides.


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