Wait for Trump, He’s Our Best Shot

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by Robert Carbery

Don’t give up on Trump just yet. It is far too early to throw in the towel and come to the conclusion that this is another status quo presidency. This is anything but.
Trump’s decision to work with Democratic leadership over the contentious DACA issue on immigration is the latest sign that the typical Republican vs. Democrat dichotomy is dying. At least, let’s hope with all our hearts. It is likely a smart move to work with both parties to remain flexible and pragmatic, then they will owe you come the end of the year when you finally get to tax reform.
Wednesday night’s round of striking a deal with the Democrats, essentially going around the do-nothing Congress of Paul Ryan / Mitch McConnell, shows that Trump is really throwing a wrench in things. No longer do Republican presidents only have to go along with what Republican lawmakers want. The Obama years are over when laws were enacted upon strict party lines. America is changing and Trump is bringing this to a reality in his efforts to deal with whoever is ready to make America Great Again in Congress.
The Republicans have had a stranglehold on power in Washington for the past seven months or so and have not been able to accomplish anything. Trump is right to go around Ryan and try to get something done. Breitbart did it’s quick work on the president, calling him the purveyor of amnesty in an angering of his base that propelled him to power.
Without any loyalty to either party, President Trump is shaking up Washington, which is what millions of Americans voted for him to do.
However, as many as 800,000 “dreamers,” or illegal immigrants taken to America as children, are still up in the air in this discussion. Schumer and Pelosi claim to have a deal on the DACA issue allowing legal status for these individuals and providing no funding for the border wall. And yet, Trump claims differently.
Ryan and McCarthy are due to meet with Pelosi and Hoyer to discuss the legal protections of these people brought to our country illegally as children.
“The speaker has said he wants Congress to address DACA as the president has called for, but he has not endorsed any one measure and has said border security will need to be a part of the solution,” Ryan’s spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said in an email confirming the meeting.
Pelosi apparently requested the meeting with Ryan just after Trump decided to end the illegal DACA program in March 2018 unless Congress resolved the issue. Democrats have been working to grant legal status to DACA recipients, sending them on a course to U.S. citizenship for decades.
Illegal immigration is way down post-Trump’s election. ICE is allowed to do their jobs again. And law and order is being restored in this country after Obama’s eight tumultuous years promoting Black Lives Matter and instigating Antifa.  
Trump is in a tough spot here in attempting to appease his base on immigration while also trying to be a more efficient president in his first year in office. I would say he is wise to reach out to the Democrats as long as he does not cave on building the wall and making America Great Again by enforcing illegal immigration and installing law and order. He is our best shot for bringing us back to where we need to be and we should give him the time to be successful and extend the support he needs even though many are turning to distrust him already.
We are still early on in this fight. It’s not over yet.  
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6 thoughts on “Wait for Trump, He’s Our Best Shot

  1. Trump was over after he shot missiles that missed into Syria. That one act betrayed the real Drumpf. That one act is mutually exclusive to everything his “promised” as a presidential candidate. That one act showed, Drumpf, was controlled opposition ALL ALONG to stop a counter revolution given it would have went hot if Hillary was installed over the objections of the landslide popular support.
    There is NO solution within a rigged system.
    Pollyanna, take a walk.

    • However, the US involvement in Syria is way down and the Russians and the Syrians have run ISIS out of the country. So has Iraq. His missile strike in Syria – he warned Russia way in advance of his intent to do it and he even told Russia where he would drop the missiles. The strike caused little damage, and the Russians had the airstrip running in a few hours. If the President really wanted to take out the base, he would have destroyed the airstrip. He didn’t. His virtue signalling worked in the Chinese President as the latter told NK to go take a hike.

      • You make many false inferences, fake justifications and imperious condescensions. All the hallmark of a female post fact world, that I DON’T INHABIT.
        ?Saying Drumpf can do something illegal because others did, isn’t justification.
        ?Saying Drumpf works now with the democrats and we can vote out politicians EVEN THOUGH over 95% of incumbents return (authoritarian/communist rates), means you don’t understand how your country works.
        ?Saying “fake news” governs my opinion, because you assume I’m a turd like you campus clowns that swallow professorial dictates instead of vetting information like a rational person is required to do, exposes your imperiousness.
        Go fk yourself. I’m not you husband, boyfriend or son. I’m not one of your students fearing a bad grade. I’m allowed to draw my own conclusions based on the evidence I find accurate.
        My comments stand on their own merit. Drumpf’s execution of those missile strikes, against his own governing laws, both constitutional and congressional, AND international, makes him a WAR CRIMINAL. It’s not just that he declared war on Syria, or hasn’t taken our military bases out of Syria, it’s that doing so exposes he’s just a pawn for AIPAC. Yeah, those guys that by bribe or blackmail can make any law, or kill any law in the US.
        Honey, you usually get a pat on the head for your compositions? ffs, get lost. Learn the Trivium. Logic, Rhetoric and Grammar. Once learned, bullshit like you proffered is transparent for what it is: bullshit.

  2. the ISRALIES that DID 911 for Bush are STILL DANCING!!!
    richer than EVER.
    The filthy MEXICANS have INFESTED the USA, it will take a real citizens militia to roust them out.

    • Dude, to this day, Idk why there aren’t “enemies” that just walk up to the AIPAC ppl and/or bankers and whatever and deal with it.
      IF that is true, and I can’t say it’s not. Run the experiment and remove them from the playing field. I can’t believe over 1 billion Muslims say this is true, yet never act even if to do so has only the downside of paradise on failure, or success.
      It doesn’t hold water, if you just complain about it, and not try to run the experiment. NO one can be protected all the time. Most of these guys don’t use ANY protection cause they think they are not “famous” or easily identifiable. So then, make an effort? I’m curious.
      The mexicans aren’t here for anything but Reconquistar…they will shoot to kill when they think they have reached the threshold to do so. That’s another problem.

  3. Nonsense. Ryan, McCullen, Pelosi, and Schumer, are all of the same page. It’s a trap, an ambush, for Pres. Trump to believe he is facing a two-party system in Congress, especially on immigration reform.

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