Politician Who Pushed for Gun Control Laws, Arrested for Murdering Partner With a Gun

via thefreethoughtproject:

Aiken, SC – A former congressional candidate who promised to fight for strict gun control laws has now been charged with murder for shooting and killing her former campaign manager after his body was found in her apartment.

One year ago, Kellie Collins, 30, was vying for the votes of residents in Georgia’s 10th congressional district. Now, she is facing charges of murder and grand larceny. The case against her surrounds the death of Curtis Cain, 41, a vital member of her campaign who was also reportedly her husband.

According to a report from WRDW-TV, the Aiken County Coroner confirmed that Collins and Cain were married, and “Collins was made the sole beneficiary of his insurance just a few weeks prior to Cain’s death.”

While it is unclear what led up to Cain’s death, Collins has been accused of shooting him on Aug. 4, leaving him to bleed to death, and then letting his body rot in their apartment of several days before police discovered it during a welfare check when Cain did not show up to work.

Cain’s Subaru Legacy had also been reported missing, and Collins has been accused of stealing it and charged with grand larceny. Police Captain Eric Abdullah told The State that it was not clear if Collins was in possession of the car when she surrendered to police.

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Abdullah also revealed that Collins was in Georgia when she was arrested, and she will be extradited to Aiken County, South Carolina, where she lived with Cain, and where his body was found.

While police confirmed that they believe Cain was shot to death, and the evidence points to Collins as the prime suspect, it is not clear whether she owned the firearm that was used to murder Cain.

What is clear is that when Collins ran as a Democratic congressional candidate last year, she pledged her support for strict gun control laws for the sake of ending gun violence—which is the same crime she is now being accused of committing.

The Athens Banner-Herald reported that Collins was vocal about her support for “responsible” gun regulations and increased involvement from the federal government in local gun sales:

Positions outlined on Collins’ website include support for a federally mandated minimum wage, “responsible” gun regulation to ”ensure a more careful monitoring process in gun sales from both retailers and private dealers to protect all parties involved and shield the community from the effects of firearms falling into the wrong hands;” and working “to bring back untaxed profits to the American economy that are currently being kept out of the country by corporations who seek to avoid paying their fair share.”

Before she withdrew from the congressional race, citing “personal reasons,” Collins told the Girls Really Rule campaign that she believed the GOP was intentionally targeting all women, minorities, members of the LGBT community and disabled people as lesser sections of society and you can see it in the bills they have passed and are attempting to pass so far in 2017.”

While Democrats and Republicans typically try to turn gun control into a partisan issue, the fact is that both parties have been responsible for supporting legislation that infringes on the Second Amendment. As The Free Thought Project has reported, in the last 5 months, 26 states have passed 55 new gun control laws, and the majority of governors who signed these measures into law were Republicans.


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