Politico is Now an Israel First Organization

by Chris Black

Haaretz is celebrating the fact that Politico, one of the top websites covering political news in the United States, has just been bought out by a company which will not hire you unless you are explicitly pro-Israel.

Politico was always liberal and Jewish, but this takes it to a new level.  Now you can’t read an American news story on an American website about American domestic politics unless it’s EXPLICITLY screened through a pro-Israel filter.

Israel is a foreign country to which we give tens of billions of dollars every year.  Israel is completely intertwined in all our foreign relations in the Middle East and major questions of war and peace which have dominated American foreign policy for decades.  

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So how can these incredibly important questions reach the people, if the top political website has being pro-Israel as an official hiring policy??

Russian collusion?! 

Our foreign policy is held hostage by these people before our very eyes and not one peep from anyone in the political establishment.


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