What Does “Build Back Better” Really Means

by Chris Black

Build Back Better, Joe Biden’s campaign slogan, is the next phase of the Rabbi officiated unholy wedding of neoliberalism & communism; and it won’t cost you a dime according to the regime’s message whore, who has also stated that the modern equivalent to bread lines are a good thing.

According to the Judeo-Biden puppet show, the rich are finally going to pay their share as opposed to long suffering working families carrying the burden. 

This is exactly why the IRS needs to be snooping in your bank accounts for transactions over $600. You know, because this isn’t an attack on the working class to turn us all into permanent serfs for the Blackrock et al, i.e. the unaccountable financial behemoths that run our financial system. 

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Who runs Blackrock anyway? I bet it reads like a Bar Mitzvah list. 

So, to bring you up to speed: the beatings won’t stop until you take 50 jabs of experimental juice, submit to total domination from the spiteful mutants managing the government that’s supposed to represent you, give up your privacy, be tracked, and finally be replaced by your more compliant low IQ mystery meat brown counterpart from some shithole who just so happens to be more American than you’ll ever be according to the “people” who brought them here.

Got it?


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