Politics Has To Ruin Everything — Even Ham Radio! (Russia / Ukraine)

by AC

So, this weekend there is another amateur radio contest. This one is focused on Russia, is an annual event, and everyone in the world can work them for points.

Just average people having fun with a hobby.

Until one or more jerks have to ruin everything.

In the hobby there are computer networks known as “spotting networks”, where hams can report their call signs and the call signs of the people they “work.” It allows you to find states or countries you may not have contacted before.

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But a few people decided to drag politics into it.

They are creating up to 40 fake entries at a time, with supposed Russian call signs that have “WAR” in them, with “receiving” stations with fake call signs that try to look like the name of the country’s ruler.

Then they add comments like “STOP WAR” and “STOP WAR SAVE KIDS.”

This is being done on multiple bands/frequencies.

Nice sentiment, yes war is bad, but not everything has to have this be the prime focus.


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