Poll: Almost 70% Of Americans Believe Civil War Is Imminent

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The political discourse — or lack of it — has apparently become so caustic in the United States that 67% of those surveyed in a poll released Wednesday believe another civil war is imminent.

The poll was conducted by Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service as part of their annual Battleground Poll civility survey, and according to the institute’s executive director, the results could indicate that the 2020 election could be as divisive and explosive as the 1860 election that precipitated the Civil War of 1861-65.

”The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war. That to me is a very pessimistic place,” Mo Elleithee told the Washington Examiner.

The survey showed that voters are not just dissatisfied with politics, they are angry. While Democratic dislike of President Donald Trump is hardening, Republicans show a similar dislike of the crop of leftist Democratic candidates vying for their party’s presidential nomination.

Although Trump’s approval rating has never been extraordinary, in September it was higher than predecessor President Barack Obama’s numbers were at the same stage in his first term.



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