POLL: BIDEN APPROVAL 46%… RCP AVG 44.1%… Economic ratings worse than Carter…

CNN cried when they wrote this.
Joe Biden’s economic ratings are worse than Jimmy Carter’s.

Americans have lost 3 years of wage gains this year due to the historic inflation under Joe Biden.

Inflation reached a 40 year high at 6.2% in December. Joe Biden had to work really hard to get those numbers.

And on Tuesday Biden increased mileage standards on vehicles in order to make it impossible for American automobile manufacturers and energy companies.
Pure brilliance.


Biden Overall Job Approval: 46% Approve, 49% Disapprove

A total of 46% of Americans say they approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president and 49% say they disapprove of the way Biden is handling his job according to the latest survey from the American Research Group. In November, 44% approved of the way Biden was handling his job as president and 50% disapproved.

When it comes to Biden’s handling of the economy, 45% of Americans approve and 49% disapprove. In November, 42% approved of the way Biden was handling the economy and 52% disapproved. Of the 49% of Americans saying they disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy, 28% volunteer that the increase in the price of gasoline is the reason for their disapproval.


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(CNN)President Joe Biden is struggling in the minds of the American public. While his approval rating is down on a slew of issues, his difficulties are perhaps most noticeable on the economy.

Biden now sports the lowest net economic rating of any president at this point through their first term since at least Jimmy Carter in 1977.



Setbacks rattle Dems facing tough elections…



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