POLL: Biden approval sinks to 22% among young adults, 24% among Hispanics…. Tulsi Gabbard: Biden Admin lives in a Fantasy World

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The survey, conducted June 3-6, found that 22% of Americans ages 18-34 approve of Biden’s performance — the lowest rating of any age group. Just 24% of Hispanic voters and 49% of black voters said they approve of Biden’s work.

Although elected with the most votes in US history, Biden’s support cratered about seven months into office during the chaotic US pullout from Afghanistan and remained low as inflation and violent crime spiked.

In the new poll, 64% of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy and 34% said inflation is the most pressing national issue. Annual inflation was above 8% in March and April, which critics blame on Biden’s policies.

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Biden’s messaging is often clouded by walk-backs or altogether squelched by his own staff. For example, his occasional Q&As with reporters after events at the White House are usually cut off from the official video live feeds.

Furthermore, Biden’s press handlers have specifically excluded reporters, video cameras and sound equipment from events on at least three recent occasions — including Wednesday — only allowing still photographers


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Short video from Fox News

America’s Economy Is On Life Support. Biden’s New Plan Just Might Kill It Off

President Joe Biden’s strategy to curb rising prices and the decline in real wages looks less like an actionable plan and more like giving a drowning man a weight to hold.

It is not an accident that the U.S. economy is on life support. The decline is a result of a strategy from Biden that kills the American way of life from the bottom up and the middle out.

YOU WANTED THIS, YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN, YOU F*CKING FIX THIS: ‘Be The F*cking President’: Dems Hammer Biden For Blundering From One Crisis To Another.

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IT’S NOT BIDEN’S FAULT, IT’S YOUR FAULT! YOU DON’T DESERVE HIM! What causes a recession? Maybe it’s you and how grumpy you are about the economy.

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