Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Free Speech, Opposes S.P.L.C., Antifa, Soros Efforts To Restrict It… Republicans Need To Start Keeping Campaign Promises Or Lose Trump's Base In 2018

Pollster John McLaughlin of McLaughlin & Associates is warning Republicans, based on a latest omnibus poll, that unless they start keeping campaign promises to Trump voters, the president’s base may not turn out to vote for them in the 2018 midterm elections.
Trump supporters are a “floor on which Republicans stand” or fall, he says in this exclusive interview. And, contrary to media polls, which he demonstrates in a memo skew results towards Democrats and appear inclined to “sacrifice their credibility to promote liberal anti-Trump bias,” Trump’s support amongst his own voters remains high.

Getting more specific, the poll of 1,000 likely voters conducted online between Aug. 24 and Aug. 28, had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent. It found voters were less likely to support their congressman if they:

  • Voted to increase the debt limit without new constraints on future spending (69 percent of Trump voters)
  • Failed to stop Obama’s social experimentation with the military and transgenders (69 percent of Trump voters)
  • Refused to repeal Obamacare (68 percent of Trump voters)
  • Voted to bail out health insurance companies without repealing Obamacare (67 percent of Trump voters)
  • Did not support Trump’s more careful vetting of immigrants (67 percent of Trump voters)
  • Continue government spending without building the wall, and with Democrat priorities funded like Planned Parenthood (66 percent of Trump voters)
  • Failed to pursue investigations against former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (64 percent of Trump voters).

This is the same pollster who predicted President Trump’s win:
Pollster McLaughlin: Trump Will Win Because He Gives Change Americans Seek
Pollster John McLaughlin predicts a victory for Donald Trump in the November election, because 70 percent of Americans think the United States is on the wrong track.
Poll: Public Overwhelmingly Supports Free Speech, Opposes S.P.L.C., Antifa, Soros Efforts To Restrict It
Speaking of Soros and his ilk, the McLaughlin poll also found that by a nearly two-to-one margin, 48.5 to 26.3, respondents agreed that President Donald Trump should not employ “subordinates who can be shown to be colluding with George Soros, Barack Obama or others associated with them to undermine President Trump’s administration.” Among Trump voters, the spread was even wider, 67.6 percent to 18.4 percent.
h/t Daniel Higdon