Poll reveals half of Democrats don’t think Joe Biden would serve all four years if elected president

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  • A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that more than half of the voters surveyed, and nearly half of Democrats, don’t believe Joe Biden will complete all four years
  • 59 percent believe it ‘likely’ that Biden’s running mate would become president 
  • The survey suggests younger voters in particular are convinced that Biden would not finish his first term if elected president
  • 38% of voters, including 20% of Democrats, believe Biden, who would be 78 if he wins the White House, is suffering from some form of dementia 

More than half of Democrats do not believe Joe Biden would serve all four years as president should the 77-year-old be elected this November.

In a poll by Rasmussen Reports, some 59% of possible voters believe that whomever is chosen as Biden’s vice president would take over before the end of his first term in 2025.

And 49% of Democrats who responded to the survey suggested that many are not fussed who takes over the presidency, so long as it’s not President Trump.


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