“Ponzi Scheme” Economics: To QE or Not To QE??? That is The Question!

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Do you think that the Fed can pull back on the amount of money they’re printing without creating a new crisis?

It has only been 24 hours and yet so much information has piled up. It’s impossible to keep up with the level of complexity in this financial system. The nuances. The in’s and out’s. But those who are in control of this twisted system are creating the biggest bubble in the history of the world. That part is certain. Most of the Davos elite agreed that while valuations are stretched, there is no chance in this bubble popping any time soon, therefore it will continue for a while. If so, that would create a juggernaut, destroying everything in its path. This monster would be impossible to control. 


Kudlow: “Economic growth is the ultimate solution to budget deficits.”

“There’s nothing wrong with balance sheets rising”

“Where are the incentives… to take the extra risk”


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