Poor Bernie Bro supporters are FORCED to participate in capitalism

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by DCG

Always the victim…

Heaven forbid one of the Bernie Sanders, socialist-loving fools think for themselves on how they can survive in America without being FORCED to participate in the system that so many foreigners flock to for a better life.

Here’s a couple hints on how to remove yourself from this FORCED system:

Ditch your capitalism-made Smartphone. You CAN survive without checking how many likes your most-recent Instagram post received. You DON’T need Facebook to filter #fakenews. No one will die if they don’t see your most recent tweet. The world will not end if you are cut off from social media. If you need to communicate electronically, use the community-owned computer at your local library.

Get rid of your fossil fuel car. Most of the Bernie Bros have probably already done this and use public transportation or Uber (no fossil fuel vehicles, of course). In order to better the community, one must eliminate the private-vehicle methods of transportation. Better yet, make sure your transportation method eliminates the amount of capitalism-made vehicles on the road: Use the “passenger-garbage-trucks” method that Venezuelans enjoys!

Venezuela’s efficient transportation method!

Get off the grid. What do you need electricity for anyway (you don’t need to power that capitalism-made Smartphone)? Don’t you want to save the environment? After all, if North Koreans can survive on only a few hours a day worth of electricity, can’t you do the same in socialist-solidarity with them?

North Korea doing their part to save the environment…

Embrace the Medicare for All: Since Obamacare didn’t solve America’s health care crisis, socialized healthcare MUST be the solution. Because you deem healthcare as a right, that means a socialized system will be better, correct? I know the capitalism-run healthcare industry isn’t perfect yet you Bernie Bros are resourceful folk. In order to benefit the community, make sure to plan for your next hospital visit and bring your go-to hospital bag: One that is ready, waiting and nearby stocked with pillows, sheets and medicine.

A lovely and beautiful socialized hospital in socialist Cuba

Learn how to grow a garden. Grow your own food instead of buying it at that evil WalMart! Plus with the inevitable mismanagement of a government-run economy, food will become scarce. Tilling and planting seeds will become a valuable skill. Better yet, in order to save the environment you can acquire a taste for bugs. Or zoo animals.

Then there’s always this option: MOVE. Take your socialism-loving butt to Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea. No one is holding you here at gun point. You’re free to leave whenever your heart desires.

You can survive dipsh*t, without being FORCED to participate in our capitalism. Get back to me after you’ve tried my suggested methods and let me know how much you enjoyed the socialist methods.

I eagerly await to hear about your enlightened experiences.



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