Pope Francis calls Catholic Church’s ban on priests having sex ‘temporary’ opening door to review of 1,000-year-old celibacy rules

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Pope Francis, 86, hinted that priests may not have to be celibate in the future

It comes after growing calls to drop rule that was introduced in the 11th century

The Catholic Church is open to reviewing its thousand-year-old practice of celibacy, Pope Francis has suggested.

He said the ban was only ‘temporary’ and there was also ‘no contradiction’ for a priest to marry.

Celibacy was made a requirement by the Catholic Church in the 11th-century for financial reasons, as clergy without children were more likely to leave their wealth to the church.

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The Vatican enforces the rule among priests – but there are growing calls to end the ban.

It comes after Germany’s Catholic Church voted for a resolution requesting that the Pope end the obligation for priests to be celibate.


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