Popular Fox News Host Drops Gigantic Announcement On Fans

The American people have been brainwashed and gaslighted over the idea that the Marxist left and their demands for public policy reforms of our Republic are wildly popular with the voting citizens and that their Marxist’s utopian dreams are the dreams of a majority of citizens- which is what gives the left their moral and ethical superiority to talk about how they are only defending “Democracy” with their usurpations.

Except everything the left says about Democracy is utter madness. Even though American society has many indicators that Marxist-leftism does not represent a majority, the American public can become paralyzed with fear if they don’t correctly virtue signal the fantasy that the Marxists ARE the majority.

Remember the line from that movie: ” Go sell crazy someplace else; we are all stocked up here”? That is being said through the living spaces of Americans about CNN and MSNBC.

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And it comes in time for leftist TV to have some more political rallies in our Halls of Congress- called ‘public hearings’ or Soviet-style show trials:



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