Populism is on the march. The Ancient Regime will crumble

This brilliant article’s mainly about the Establishment trying to stop Brexit, but it applies to the US and Europe too..

Today’s Establishment — like Establishments before it, throughout history, from the Ancien Regime of Louis XVI to the George III’s colonial regime in pre-Revolutionary America — will persist in doing everything in its power to thwart Brexit because, for various reasons, it has done very nicely out of the European Union. But it’s not going to win. Sooner or later, inevitably, it’s going to be defeated because, as Orwell puts it, there are “changes” going on. From Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil to Trump in the USA to Viktor Orban in Hungary and beyond, populism is on the march. Ancien Regime holdouts may find this tendency so frightful that they have to cover their noses with their scented handkerchiefs and throw little tantrums. But they’re not going to stop it…

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Matthew Parris writes about how the Conservative party needs to purge itself of all the horrible, evil right-wingers who are ruining everything by demanding that Brexit happens: “The Tories’ historic mission to contain the forces of populist nationalism and social and cultural reaction is close to collapse. Note his contempt for what he calls “populist nationalism and social and cultural reaction” — what you and I might call “democracy.” …



In the UK a bunch of treacherous MPs who want to stop us leaving the EU, led by Dominic Grieve, is attempting to overturn the Government..

Grieve has put forward an amendment which would allow a “qualified minority” of MPs to seize control. Hmm.. A minority seizing control. In what way shape or form is that democracy?

They know they’re losing control and are getting desperate. This is a coup. In the UK. Who’d have seen that coming?

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Meanwhile in Canada:

Yellow vests must be checked at the door of Trudeaus town halls now. WOW a dress code half dozen people removed from his town hall last night!

Think they’re getting scared?




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