Porton Down Unable To Confirm ‘Novichok’ Came From Russia

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by Chris

Porton Down experts confirm they are unable to confirm ‘Novichok’ nerve agent came from Russia or establish it’s country of origin!


What a surprise!

Yes, what a complete surprise!  Of course they couldn’t and we knew that here weeks ago of course.

So the bottom line is that the UK plus all of NATO kicked out Russian ambassadors based on the idea that it must have been Russia because, well, that seems like the sort of thing we’d like to think Russia does.

Meanwhile the story of when and how the Skripals got poisoned continues to drift along into more and more absurd propositions.

Today’s most recent and whacky idea is that they were poisoned through some porridge type cereal.  I kid you not, this is what they are now saying.

Caitlin Johnstone put it well in a recent article:

We’ve been told that the Novichok was planted in Yulia Skripal’s suitcase. We were told that it was administered via the air vents in their car. We were told that it was delivered by a weaponized miniature drone. We were told that the Novichok was smeared on the family’s car door handle. Now it’s either the house door or Russian buckwheat cereal, depending on who you’re reading.

Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t it so very, very interesting how the people investigating this attack still don’t know their asses from their elbows when it comes to any aspect of the case, but it is absolutely beyond question that the Russian government was definitely with 100 percent certainty responsible for the poisoning?


Yep.  They have no idea when, where or how the poison was administered, but it must have been Russia all right!

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Here’s the silly news:

Police have questioned a woman who brought over a £1 bag of Sergei Skripal’s favourite cereal from Russia after being asked by his daughter Yulia.

Her father had asked her to bring her buckwheat back from Moscow while on her trip but Ms Skripal, 33, forgot it.

She instead asked an unnamed woman who was flying back separately to bring over the Russian-style breakfast, according to The Sun.

The woman, who works for a major medical company in Russia, has been ‘interrogated’ by Scotland yard over the presents.

A source told the Sun: ‘Police had suspected gifts from Yulia to her father might have contained the Novichok nerve agent.’


Okay, so the very next thing they are going to have to drop from this story is the idea of “military grade” because there’s no way you can get dosed at home via cereal and then wander about for many more hours afterwards.

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Next, the case of DS Bailey gets curiouser and curiouser.  He got poisoned somehow.  If not helping the Skripals on the bench, and then also not later at their car, but then even later maybe at their house by the front door handle, he would now have to have been poisoned in their house.

I guess that would make DS Bailey…Goldilocks?  He must have entered their house without a warrant and, what… tried the porridge?  How and what was he doing in their house in the first moments after thier poisoning?  Can anybody explain that?

If he did sample the porridge, well, to be fair, it does look inviting from the packaging…

Also, to belabor the obvious (which seems to be evading the UK’s finest) oral administration of a nerve agent would strike within a minute…maybe two, tops.

Further, how could there have been just enough “military grade” nerve agent in the porridge to sicken but not kill?

This all continues to stink to high heaven, but that’s the world in which we now live.  Logic, reason, and integrity no longer exist within the halls of power, same as such attributes utterly being missing from the financial “”markets.””



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