Post Covid World Thoughts

by Chris Black

COVID is (mostly) over in the same sense that WWII was over by 1946. The war had ended, but the world that emerged in the aftermath had profoundly changed.

The post-COVID world is ruled by a far more aggressive form of globalist governance.

 COVID shifted the Overton Window to such a degree that almost anything in the name of “sustainable development” is now possible including deliberately disrupting global food supplies.

After all, if it’s been established that locking people in their homes for a year is worth it to stop a virus with less than a 1% fatality rate, what can’t be done to stop the supposed world-ending threat of climate change?

The Dutch government’s attack on their country’s farming sector is one of many examples of this to emerge recently.

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 I fear it’s a sign of worse things to come.

Under the decrepit liberal world order, the greatest ideological sin a normal person can commit against the tyrannical freaks running this abomination is bigotry.

Bigotry simply means having standards. 

Standards are intolerable for degenerates who could not exist in plain sight without their sickness institutionally enforced on the public.

America is a fallen nation, a hollow shopping mall serving as a purgatory of broken souls, hell-bent on preserving the false idols of comfortable decadence, unfazed at the end result of suicide as the ritual sacrifice of its death cult ideology.


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