The First Amendment is Dead But You Already Know It

by Chris Black

Three people have been charged with 115 felony hate crimes for posting 115 fliers promoting something called the “Aryan National Army.”

This is a flagrant violation of their First Amendment rights, goes without saying. With that said, we need to choose our battles because the government has systematically decided that people on the right do not have political rights.

If you are posting pro-white fliers on a black church or synagogue, no matter what they say, you are going to be criminally prosecuted and the ACLU will laugh and forward it to the people prosecuting you when you email them begging for help.

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Legal resources are finite.

Err on the side of obeying the law (including petty ordinances) so that you don’t give them an excuse. When you bend the rules, make sure it counts.

Always put the risk vs reward on a scale before doing anything.


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