Potential Monkey Pox Pandemic Incoming

by Chris Black


– Bill Gates ominously warns of a new smallpox pandemic caused by biological terror attacks.

– FDA approved a drug to treat smallpox. 

– Mystery vials labeled “smallpox” found in Philadelphia.



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– Sudden outbreak of monkeypox in the UK.

– UK monkeypox spreads to US.


Monkeypox was likely spread to the UK by African immigrants, rather than a bioweapon (which should be reason enough to ban all immigration from Africa, we don’t want to go the way of the Amerindians). 

However, Gates’ creepy “predictions” do have a nasty habit of coming true.

Just to clarify, it seems to have low transmissibility in most cases: “Only limited human-to-human spread has been reported in the past, with estimated transmission rates of 3.3% to 30%; however, during a recent outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the transmission rate was estimated at 73%.”



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