The Making of a Mass Shooter

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by Chris Black

>Tell young White guys they are born evil due to their original sin of Whiteness and responsible for all of the world’s problems

>Implement programs that systemically discriminate against Whites (e.g. affirmative action) under the guise of “equality”

>Ban Whites from taking any pride in their culture or familial and ancestral achievements because it’s all “racist”

>Ban Whites from being able to politically organize in the interests of their group

See also  House Republicans vote to OVERTURN Biden's student loan forgiveness plan (why should taxpayers be forced to foot the cost for making the banksters whole on non-performing loans they made to Biden-supporting special snowflake deadbeats?)

>Ban Whites from even being able to air their grievances on social media with “hate speech” restrictions

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>Force people into underground online anonymity, where they inevitably interact with unscrupulous characters

>Some of these unscrupulous characters are feds and spooks who spread demoralization propaganda and groom young (often mentally ill) White guys into becoming terrorists

>A few of these guys follow through and commit terrorist acts

See also  Sounds like the domestic terrorists are at it again, making terroristic threats

“If only we had MORE anti-White indoctrination! This never would have happened!”

The shooter cited CRT as a motive.

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