‘Pothole Pete’ Buttigieg’s plan – MORE speed cameras and lower speed limits that will guarantee fines for drivers

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‘You’re about to get a lot more speeding tickets!’ Critics slam ‘Pothole Pete’ Buttigieg’s plan to fix the nation’s roads crisis with MORE speed cameras and lower speed limits that will guarantee fines for drivers

Pete Buttigieg announced a plan yesterday to make the nation’s roads safer

Tucked away in his 42-page strategy is a promise to promote safety cameras

Buttigieg claimed cameras are less racially biased than cops so will patrol more fairly

But critics say it’s just a Trojan horse to fine motorists more in the way of speeding tickets

They questioned why Buttigieg wasn’t doing more to fix roads and bridges

Many trashed him using the hashtag Pothole Pete – a reference to when he was the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and the city was ravaged by potholes

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‘If we can’t tax you to death, we’ll fine you,’ quipped one critic


Buttigieg’s 42-page plan includes a caveat to ‘promote’ speed camera use, which he says will be a more ‘equitable’ way of patrolling the roads than if cops were tasked with it.

He wants to create roads that will ‘self-enforce’ through speed limits and cameras – rather than have cops patrolling them.

But skeptics say it will only end up leading to more fines for motorists – and money for the government – while doing nothing to address the country’s real transport problems.


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