POTUS: “Good Chance I’ll Declare National Emergency At The Border” Then Takes A Jab At Pelosi

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During a press conference at the White House today everyone’s favorite POTUS, Donald Trump, told the American people that there is a good chance he will declare a national emergency at the border and build the wall.

He went on to say that Pelosi is should be ashamed of herself and is doing a disservice to this country!

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He then divulged that construction has started on another section of wall and contracts are getting awarded already.


President Trump: ‘Good chance’ I’ll declare national emergency at border

While speaking at the White House Friday, the president said the wall will be built one way or another. He also discussed the current construction already taking place.

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The president said he is getting nowhere with Democrats on the issue, adding, Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself on her stance.




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