Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the NYPD Discovered the New Clinton Emails on Huma Abedin's Computer While Investigating Anthony Weiner for Sex Charges. Comey Had to Open Clinton Investigation Back up. TRUMP WARNED THEM

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by Pamela Williams
This is absolutely beyond the pale of even my imagination! Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton’s worst enemy which is being revealed by the reopening of the Clinton Email Investigation. Don’t get me wrong…I am elated that is happening. I am just so shocked to find that Abedin played the role of Hillary’s best friend when all along she was forwarding classified emails from Hillary to her home computer. She would print those emails out at home violating a code of conduct she signed in handling classified information when she was hired by the State Department. What is beyond the pale is she shared that same computer with her husband Anthony Weiner.
Weiner is being investigated by Preet Bharara, a tough US Attorney in New York, and the NYPD. They confiscated Weiner’s materials, finding classified emails from Hillary’s office forwarded by Huma Abedin. It is being said that many of those emails were kept by Huma and not Clinton. It is important to remember Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma’s mother believes that Sharia law should be implemented around the world to make it a better place.
Now we have Preet Bharara and the NYPD bringing the FBI into the case, because of the classified emails on Weiner’s computer. Poof! Comey reopens the Clinton Email Investigation! I hope I got those dots connected correctly. Donald Trump got them connected a year ago, warning of this very thing happening.

In the month after Clinton’s classified email scandal broke last year, Trump told that ‘the person seeing her emails more than anybody else is Huma. And who’s Huma married to? The worst deviant in the United States of America, right? Weiner!’
And when Abedin announced her separation from Weiner four weeks ago, Trump called the decision ‘very wise,’ adding that ‘she will be far better off without him.’
But ‘I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information,’ he said.
”Who knows what he learned and who he told?’

Anthony Weiner is being investigated over allegations that he sent sexually explicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl, in the knowledge that she was still at school. Prosecutors in North Carolina, where the teenager lives, and in New York, where 52-year-old Mr Weiner is based, have opened inquiries.

Preet Bharara, the New York prosecutor known as one of the toughest in America, issued a subpoena for Mr Weiner’s mobile phone and other electronic records after the “sexting” came to light in September. It is believed this sparked the reopening of the closed investigation.
Now commentators are noting how ironic it is that Mrs Clinton’s presidential campaign could be critically damaged by her most loyal aide – loyalty being the quality the Clintons prize above all others.
Mrs Clinton was supposed to have handed over all evidence relating to her use of a private email server – something she instigated in 2009, when she was appointed secretary of state. The Weiner investigation shows she did not.
Donald Trump, her rival for the presidency, has said she should be tried and imprisoned for the act – whipping up chants of “lock her up” to echo around his rallies.

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29 thoughts on “Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the NYPD Discovered the New Clinton Emails on Huma Abedin's Computer While Investigating Anthony Weiner for Sex Charges. Comey Had to Open Clinton Investigation Back up. TRUMP WARNED THEM

  1. Judgment is coming. America has become a corrupt nation. Someday soon we will all have to stand before God to answer for how we lived our lives. That is when all truth will be laid out, no more lies. This is when true justice will prevail for all people. What you get away with here, you won’t get away with then. Time to get right with God so you can make things right and be forgiven. You can here.

    • Yup. Lotta gnashing going on about now. I’m sure it was just a mere oversight that Comey forgot to check Huma’s home server over the last year.

      • He knew it was there all along. He hid it to save his ass from The Clinton Machine, now, he’s trying to save his ass from a lot of pissed off American Patriots. Quite a few in military/law enforcement positions I might add. Her shenanigans aren’t doing so well for the “Democraps” either. A lot of people are voting straight Republican ticket because of Hillary. Even the paid for media is beginning to have fear because of their lying for her.

        • The NYPD spilled the beans to the FBI. Comey couldn’t back out after this new found email treasure trove. Comey is stuck having to do something now. However, let’s hope the NYPD has enough proof themselves against Clinton and the emails on Weiner’s laptop otherwise Comey will just play the same hand where he didn’t find anything illegal or some such bullshit story to tell the people. I hope the NYPD has backed him and Clinton and Huma all into a corner from which they can’t escape. Get them all.

  2. So now 10’s of thousands of CLASSIFIED emails maybe anywhere ….. if they are NOT classified then they have to be published publicly, with NO redacting.
    Hillary has been “inside” the highest levels of government for THIRTY YEARS and she told this Nation, with a straight face, that she did not know (C) means classified. Experienced? Competent?!
    Why is this not ringing ALARMS everywhere?????? What does THAT say about her “valuable experience !!! Hillary is spitting in this Nation’s face.
    Hillary’s CRAP has gone on too long. How many $MILLION$ of our taxes has that TRAITOR wasted?
    Employing DELAYING tactics in answering questions when we are (supposedly) “at war with terrorism” (& Russia, China, N.Korea, Iran, according to THEM), is Aiding and Abetting Terrorism. …… Hillary and her ACCOMPLICES are tying up and wasting OUR resources. THAT is a tactic of waging war, tie up and delay the ENEMY
    we SUPPOSEDLY are fighting a “war on terror” and she is destroying documents that might be needed? She is Providing Material Aid and Support to the TERRORISTS by IMPEDING the war effort ….. even just her screwing around DELAYING when all our resources are needed for the war ………. things are supposedly so desperate they have to take 5 ounce shampoos away from GRANNIES, and GROPE Children ….

    • “But we all know that (C) means Copyright, not Classified… So at worst I should be paying a couple of cents to the original authors for copyright violations when forwarding those mails… It’s NOT a criminal matter…”
      — Hitlery Clinton

    • There is no war on terrorism. The U.S. has created the terrorism everywhere that they are pretending to be at war against. Thus costing the American public billions if not trillions of dollars and thereby making the Oligarchy running America from the shadows wealthier yet. Perpetual war against an invented enemy that we fund and supply while costing taxpayer money is a scam to last for eternity because it will never end. They create the enemy, the ultimate fraud on the world.

  3. This Preet Bharara sounds like an American from the old “Untouchables” days. If a man like that came to my country, became a citizen, and went after high ranking criminals, I would be nothing but grateful.

    • He does…BUT…Obama appointed him, he is a Columbia/Harvard grad. Sorry but I have learned not to trust those people. I hope he is real, but I won’t be surprised if he is not.

  4. “loyalty being the quality the Clintons prize above all others”
    Until they outlive their usefulness… Huma Weiner better get down on the clown or she’ll get suicidey!

  5. Huma obviously has poor judgment. Hiding e-mails is bad. Failing to report them in an investigation is worse. Marrying Weiner though, is the absolute worst.

      • I don’t really think she is a lesbian. How the hell did she get the intern job? Those are only for kids of people hooked up, and in Clintons case big donors. I have heard that Muslims are the most reliable voting block, enough in the US to swing an election, soon to be much bigger as Obama is bringing 500 per day into America.

  6. Jct: No new evidence is useful minus criminal intent so the only thing strong enough for Comey to reopen is proof of…. intent, the lack of which was his only reason for letting her off. SmartestManOnEarth.Ca Pussy Grabbing Third Base in Sexy Seventies They tried to take down Trump over a pussy and now Clinton’s coming down over a Weiner.

  7. Does he have the balls to open a separate 9/11 investigation into widespread insurance fraud and airline option short positions and the first responders cancer epidemic, the dancing Israelis, BBC news report, 200 million missing Gold from the New York Commodity Exchange. The world will have no peace until the perpetrators are brought to justice, along with their accomplices.

    • The entire Obama administration including the DOJ and the FBI are corrupt just as the Clintons and everyone else in the stinking government. They are all being used as pawns on a chessboard by the Jewish cabal running the entire American government and world affairs. Congress has been blackmailed to sit on their hands and accomplish nothing against the criminal element of the truly guilty. They are the tools being used to take out the good guys who are fighting from within to reveal the real criminals while the evil bastards go haywire against America in their quest for world domination.

  8. Considering he had 650,000 e-mail messages on his computer, Anthony Wiener could be the individual who provided the leaks.

    • The emails were setup evidently to be archived and Weiner and Huma probably didn’t even know it. That is the only way 650K emails would be on the laptop. The IT of the government probably set up the laptop and Huma and Anthony only used the laptop and didn’t actually maintain it or fix any problems the computer would have had.

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