‘Prepare for a Trump win’: JP Morgan’s stock market guru tells investors that ‘liberal cancel culture’ and violent protests will end Joe Biden’s hopes

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  • Marko Kolanovic, markets guru at J. P. Morgan, warned investors over election
  • Said most investors are expecting Biden to win, despite Trump gaining in polls
  • In a note to clients, he warned them to reposition investments for Trump victory 
  • Added that liberal ‘cancel culture’ and violent protests are hurting Democrats 

J.P. Morgan’s stock market guru has told investors to be ready for a Donald Trump win in November as his betting odds dramatically narrowed against Joe Biden.

Marko Kolanovic, a top analyst at the bank, said in a note to clients Monday that most investors are positioned for a Biden win, after he established a clear lead in the polls.

But he warned that liberal ‘cancel culture’ may be keeping Trump voters from speaking to pollsters, while protest violence could badly damage Biden’s numbers.




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