Not Theft if They “Need It”

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This idea is being rolled out because that is directly from the communist belief system. If you claim a need then you get the loot. This creates a downward spiral of who can be the biggest failure and who can be the most needy and get the most help.

If you succeed then you are expected to give it all away to those who fail. If not then the government will claim it for the greater good. This creates a society of failures because that’s how you crowd to the front of the line to get stuff. To be successful is to be looked down up on and your success must be give to all and not kept. Why try?

This works for little while at first as all the wealth of capitalism is consumed. But once gone, it is gone and nobody gets anything, and no one is left to create it. This is when you start eating the pets.

Welcome to the attempted communist take over. If you support democrats, this is the future for you and everyone else. Everyone will suffer, not just those you despise.

#Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

#Don’t bite your nose off to spite your face.



h/t BeelzeBob



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