Prepare for Infinity Jabs

by Chris Black

A monthly shot mandate is where the real money is.

In the checkout of the supermarket today the young woman hands me my receipt. I’m about to take it from her when she suddenly pulls back slightly to readjust her hand so that my finger doesn’t accidentally touch off my hand for a split second.

It’s shocking that the paranoid germaphobic insanity of the past 19 months still hasn’t worn off.

If anything, the people are now more invested in the Covid bollocks than ever. It’s become clear to me now that they’ve passed the Rubicon. The vast majority will roll up their sleeves for the boosters because they’ve reached a point where they’re just in this easily programmable state of suggestion.

They’ve now been so utterly broken that they just do exactly what they’re told without question because the government told them to.

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When you try to explain to them that the Covid certificate expires over time and that they will need regular injections to keep them updated so they can just do basic life stuff, their eyes just glaze over, they just stare back at you confused, not knowing how to respond.

The NPC meme has never been more appropriate. As to how our society recovers from this and how these same people will ever come back to their senses I have no idea.

For now at least, the country is lost, but then again, it’s been lost for a long time.

When a people are overwhelmingly in favor of abortion because they have lost the ability to see that it is outright murder of the most innocent and vulnerable, they have proven that they are too blind to see reality for what it is.

So it’s no wonder that they can be so easily deceived and convinced that they are living in a pandemic when they have no evidence of one from their own personal experience.


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