Prepare for The Biggest Market Collapse in The History of Trading — The Greatest Crash of All Time

Prepare for the biggest stock market collapse in the history of trading — the greatest crash of all time

Wall Street is fiddling while the US economy burns.
This is a great time to invest. Don’t worry about the $10 Trillion on the Fed balance sheet. Don’t worry about the $30 Trillion in corporate debt. Don’t worry about a possible fourth wave. Don’t worry about permanent layoffs from business closures and bankruptcies. Don’t worry about the Shiller P/E ratio at historical highs predicting average annual returns of negative 1.5% for the next eight years with a downside possibility of negative 9% and an upper range of 3%.
Don’t worry about the $600 billion in annual government interest payments. The $28 trillion in government debt. The $147 trillion in unfunded liabilities. The $40,000 in average debt per student. The $3.5 trillion federal government deficit. The $84,000 in personal debt per citizen. Stagnant and declining wages for the foreseeable future. Inflated asset prices. Social unrest. And the pandemic.

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Pump up the stock market, so companies can just issue more shares and bonds to get the capital they need near term. FED won’t give you the money directly now, but retail or company buybacks will happen down the road in hopes we can get a return on the 10 trillion we have been pumping in markets for the last four months. This is crazy!



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