Prepping for a Venezuela-like economic collapse

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by mg_ridgeview

  1. Water is probably the single most important thing you could stock. After that, all the medical supplies and pharmaceuticals you can get your hands on. First aid kits, sanitizer and toiletries too.
  2. Medicine/medical supplies, preserved foodstuffs, water, utility knife, rope, compass, hand radio, fishing line, hand warmers, sleeping bag (maybe rolled up and attached to top of backpack). Digging tools.
  3. Birth certificate, SS card, license, any other forms of photo ID that help reinforce the proof of your identity.
  4. Some may say it will be too late, but I would bug out at the first sign that there is no longer any semblance of law and order. Think New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. Definitely try to get out before the government mandates any sort of lock down (like the “Shelter-in-Place” order imposed on Boston after the Marathon bombing). I know this is cutting it close. But bugging out in full is a drastic, possibly life altering decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It would be worth waiting until the proverbial 11th hour just in case a crisis is averted last minute.
  5. My best advice, get as far away from the major cities as you possibly can. They’re going to be death traps. Suburbs aren’t going to be much better. Find any relatively rural, wildlife areas you possibly can. Find rural communities and towns. They may be cold or even hostile to outsiders, but they may be surrounded by enough wilderness to find somewhere to hide on the outskirts of the rural communities.
  6. Trapping, skinning, shooting, first-aid, cooking, water purification, mending, sewing, making a fire, carving, hunting, growing, scavenging to name a few. There are potentially hundreds of blue collar skills you’ll want to try to learn or more.
  7. My best bet (based on my location) would be Canada. But they’ll crack down on anyone who goes there without papers. I’ve heard stories. If you don’t have the proper authorization to be there, they will imprison you. I would still take Canada any day over Mexico. No offense, but Mexico’s reputation precedes itself. Canada by comparison has always been a peaceful and benign country. Language and culture would also be a huge factor in choosing Canada.
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Oh yeah one more thing: I put together my own post-apocalyptic diet plan while these foods are still available to the average consumer: bananas, coconuts, citrus fruits (chocolate – good for morale) coffee products, alcohol and then potatoes, rice and wheat when all else is exhausted.


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