Will the next global recession be devastating, start civil unrest, accelerate the collapse and take collapse to the next stage?

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by Hypetents

I think people don’t know we never recovered from the last one, depending on how you define “recover”.

Like the media talks about jobs but they don’t talk about how those are shit service jobs with low pay. The middle income jobs have disappeared so people making $75k to $150k before the recession have been squeezed down into jobs below $75kbut with the same debts and expenses. When you are employed but making 1/3 your previous income, collapse feels real. My own life has been utter shit since 2009.

This is what is driving so many social problems right now — like despair, depression, drug addiction, anger, hopelessness. When you think your situation might improve, then realize it is long term . . . That you are trying to eke out a living for a working family on $70k a year with a mortgage, school loans, medical bills and you realize our corrupt government is not only driving it but making it worse.

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If you add another recession on top of that, I think a good many people will give up. My family has been seriously considering leaving the country because we do not see a solution. I know others already moving.

I think people will give up, accept the inevitable and no longer try. I believe we will have mass movement toward people being semi-homeless, no set jobs, no vehicles and few possessions. They will not engage in the job market in any meaningful way. I believe we are going to see mass numbers of people returning to nature — living in National Parks or on the edges of communities, guerilla farming, etc. I believe they will view that as a better chance for survival and will find a healthier lifestyle and more meaning. I see a return to moon shining, pot farming, etc as drug use increases.

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I also expect to see a quiet revolution and acts of civil disobedience increase. It is going on now, but not reported too often. I think you are going to see a lot more attacks on those the public feels are responsible. Elevator ambushes are now going to result in hearings being closed to the public.

It is going to start with the November election regardless of who wins. Don’t expect anyone to announce it. They didn’t with the last one.

With the everything bubble lurking, trade wars, job losses and massive debts. The perfect economic storm is brewing and coming up quick.


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