President-elect Trump Well Aware Of The Coup Attempt Upon Him By THE POWERS THAT BE, And WE THE PEOPLE Must Take Names – Our Survivial Depends Upon Our Awareness.

by Pamela Williams
Let us be blunt and not run from the fact we are being stepped upon by political factions within our own government, who seek to silence us and steal the US Election from President-elect Trump. President-elect understands the situation, as he is embedding his own private security in with the Secret Service agents. This should give us some comfort, but we cannot afford to be comfortable or silenced at this critical juncture in history. We cannot afford to become certain President-elect Trump will become President Trump, as the coup attempt taking place against him is heating up. None of us who support him can lay low thinking we won, for we are still in the midst of the battle. Our Country is being torn apart by globalists who want to see us destroyed unless they can seize power. End of commentary.

Putin didn’t lose the election for Hillary. Obama did. People wanted change, and they didn’t get it, so they moved on to Door Number 2: Donald Trump. Take a look at these three short clips from a recent survey from PEW Research and you’ll get a feel for what really happened in the election:
“The Republican Party made deep inroads into America’s middle-class communities in 2016. Although many middle-class areas voted for Barack Obama in 2008, they overwhelmingly favored Donald Trump in 2016, a shift that was a key to his victory…..In 2016, Trump successfully defended all 27 middle-class areas won by Republicans in 2008. In a dramatic shift, however, Hillary Clinton lost in 18 of the 30 middle-class areas won by Democrats in 2008…

Overall, Democrats experienced widespread erosion in support from 2008 to 2016. Their share of the vote fell in 196 of the 221 metropolitan areas examined. The loss in support was sufficiently large to move 37 areas from the Democratic column to the Republican column…

Not coincidentally, Democrats also were more likely to have lost ground in manufacturing-dependent areas. Of the 56 communities with a relatively large share of manufacturing jobs, Trump picked up victories in 15 metro areas that had supported Obama in 2008 and held onto another 29, leaving only 12 communities in the Democrats’ column.” (GOP gained ground in middle-class communities in 2016, Pew Research)

Get it? The Dems lost ground everywhere because Obama didn’t deliver the goods. That’s reason number one. Second, Hillary didn’t address the issues that ordinary working people really care about. And what they care about is the economy. Money, security, jobs. Is that hard to understand?

People are afraid because things are getting worse not better. Their standards of living are slipping, they’re worried about their retirement, their jobs, their health care, and the pile of debt their kids have accumulated to go to college. They’ve lost confidence in the media, the congress, the courts and the president who promised change but never lifted a finger for working people his entire time in office.
Further commentary: The above explains it well…so well…that even Obama and Hillary can understand exactly how Trump won, but do they care? No, they know why Trump won, and they know why Hillary lost. As Obama looks into the eyes of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic base, they know they know…a coup is taking place within the United States against our Democracy and voice of the American people, of which President-elect Trump represents. This is not a conspiracy by over-zealous conspiracy sites…this is a monumental REAL conspiracy against those of us who are genuine and trusting in the American way of life.
Let me ask you: who killed JFK? Will we ever truly know? There are theories…do you think you know? I think I do, and I think it is the very group who are responsible for covert operations all over the world…yeah, that one. Who started the whole “Russian hack” story…back in the beginning? Who leaked information to mainstream media? Who refused to brief Congress on the whole thing? The answer is: the CIA! Now for some peculiar reason the FBI and the DHS has taken over the whole thing. In the beginning there was conflict between the CIA and FBI over the whole “Russian hacking” thing, but now the FBI is going along. All our government bodies are now in synch with the coup following Obama and the Democratic base. It is happening now, and there can be no denying it. End of commentary.

As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump the Republican presidential nomination failed.
The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump victory in the presidential election failed.
The vote recount failed.
The effort to sway the Electoral College failed.
But the effort continues.
The CIA report on Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election ordered by Obama is in process. Faked evidence is a hallmark of CIA operations.
In their determination to seal Trump’s ears against environmental concerns, a group of environmentalists plan to disrupt the inauguration. This in itself is of little consequence, but chaos presents opportunity for assassination.
Trump himself seems to think he is in danger. According to MSNBC, Trump intends to supplement his Secret Service protection with private security. As there is evidence of CIA complicity in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (film shows Secret Service agents ordered away from JFK’s limo immediately prior to his assassination), Trump, who is clearly seen as a threat by the military/security complex, is not being paranoid. MSNBC implies that Trump’s private security is to suppress protesters, as if government security forces have shown any compunction about suppressing protesters.
This provides an indication of the threat that the CIA sees in Trump.
Further commentary: I really respect the opinion of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and I am total agreement with what he is saying. I am scared, but I am also aware with eyes wide open. I can write about what I am seeing, speak out, and pray. You can do the same and in many cases much more. We cannot be hesitant in trusting what we see and know to be the truth. Do not listen to the propaganda of mainstream media working hand-in-hand with the evildoers. Know thyself…trust your gut, and above all trust God…pray…and pray some more.
The Reverend Franklin Graham has accompanied President-elect Trump on several trips. He went to Louisiana with him to view the damage from the floods, and most recently he went to Alabama on Trump’s thank you trip. Have you noticed how Trump offers the people his time and his presence? He is real, and we sense that. We want someone who has the ability to understand humanity with all its flaws and triumphs. He seeks to unify the people and the Country. I pray he is given the chance…if he is not, the people will rise up against those who seek to destroy. That is the truth!End of commentary.

Rev Franklin Graham has as much as said that God took sides in this election. He never once endorsed Donald Trump, only asking that God’s will be done. But Jerry Falwell of Liberty University did endorse, saying the very un-Christian thing (as it sounded at the time) that evangelicals needed to save the American ground first if Christians were going to continue to go on trying to sow that ground for our fellow man. Very bold, we hadn’t heard this sort of talk in over a generation. More common sense than scriptural, the majority of evangelicals understood.
What Donald Trump will do for all Christians, first and foremost, will be to remove that bulls-eye off their backs. The Left will not be shutting down any more pizza stores in Indiana. Trust me. Even Oregon will be on notice.
But to Graham’s larger point about God’s intervention, I believe He gave us, My Generation, Our Generation, the chance to make it all right after many years of dithering..
Our legacy revolves around the shoulders we stand on.
What I know about Donald Trump most of you don’t is that he is very aware of the shoulders he stands on. If you knew much about his Scottish mother, you’d understand. One of the first articles I wrote about Donald Trump was “Donald and the Law of Generations”, in Oct 2015, and it’s found in my Kindle Book at Amazon, about “Donald Trump and the Common  Man”, which turned out to be prescient, as I think those essays were the first to recognize what was going on with Donald Trump vis a vis America even then.  (Also available by eBook, also $4.99, just contact me at
Since I believe as Rev Graham believes, Our Generation has been granted permission, or a stay of execution (your choice), to spend our last days in making sure the field is plowed as well as it was back in the 50s and 60s when  it was first handed to us, when so many of us decided not to give it our best effort in trying to break up the clods as walked along behind our mule team.
In Conclusion:  More than anything…stay hopeful and keep praying for the life of President-elect Trump and our Country.  Keep your eyes open, and your tongue wagging…telling the truth as only you can tell it.  If we all join in, don’t kid yourself, we can make a difference.  Each one of us is a link in the chain…if one breaks, the chain breaks…we all break.  Keep your link strong by prayer and by fighting the good fight.

Published on Dec 28, 2016

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states clearly and repeatedly that if they can’t stop him becoming president they’ll kill Trump just as they did with John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield and William McKinley.