Trump Moves To ABOLISH The Federal Reserve And Institute Gold Standard

Donald Trump won the election in a landslide because of bold ideas. His ideas would erase and remove decades of failed policies and corrupt agendas that have plagued this country for too long. As Trump’s transition team continues to fill his cabinet, more and more attention continues to surround the possible selections for a variety of high-ranking positions and meetings that might help decide these appointments. On Monday, Trump held a meeting with John Allison, the former CEO of the bank BB&T and of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute. We have seen several reports indicating that Trump is considering Allison for Treasury secretary. On the campaign trail, Trump often questioned the future of the Federal Reserve’s political independence. In line with these comments, Allison wants to abolish Federal Reserve all together and go back to the gold standard. In fact, Allison takes that rhetoric one step further.
While acting as the head of the Cato Institute, Allison published several thesis indicating that the Federal Reserve was obsolete and needed to be abolished as it restricts power from the people and allows billionaire cronies to run banks globally.
“I would get rid of the Federal Reserve because the volatility in the economy is primarily caused by the Fed,” Allison wrote in 2014 for the Cato Journal.…-standard/
5 Month Before Kennedy Assassination He SIgned Executive Order Getting Rid Of Federal Reserve.

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54 thoughts on “Trump Moves To ABOLISH The Federal Reserve And Institute Gold Standard”

    • I would have voted for Trump if he made this promise: “When I am elected, I will abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system, arrest all it’s principals, put them in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives which won’t be long because we won’t feed them.”

          • There’s no need to discredit the truth with the addition of falsehood. Don’t push this important issue into ambiguity. Zionism didn’t exist in the life of Lincoln. Or during the lives of Franklin, Jefferson, and Jackson (all opposed to debt-based banking).
            For Franklin, it was the Bank of England.
            “The colonies would gladly have borne the little tax on tea and other matters had it not been that England took away from the colonies [their] money, which created unemployment and dissatisfaction.”
            -Benjamin Franklin
            In colonial days, elected officials printed the money (Colonial Script) at zero interest. Inflation was not a problem – (British) counterfeiting was. Banks were given a temporary 20 year charter from 1791-1811. The Enemy was persuasive, and we decided to see if they could be trustworthy. The British told us they would invade if the charter wasn’t renewed. The charter was not renewed in 1811, and the British invaded, burning the White House to the ground in the War of 1812.
            At last, Jackson defeated the “den of vipers,” as he called them. He considered it his greatest victory. But The Den of Vipers merely recoiled to reassess their strategy.
            Chancellor Otto von Bismarck knew their next move:
            “I know of absolute certainty that the division of the US into two federations of equal force was decided long before the civil war, by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained as one block and were to develop as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset the … domination of Europe over the world.”
            -Bismarck, 1876
            The banks refused to lend Lincoln low interest funding for the Civil War, preferring to see America divided and conquered. America is one country now only because of the Greenback (zero interest money). For the victory of the Union, he received the death penalty.
            In respect to the article, it is important to remember that, as our forefathers knew, the gold standard is not the answer.
            Getting rid of the non-Federal Reserve in order to establish a gold standard is like moving the American people from Alcatraz to Auschwitz. It’s easier for The Enemy (of Franklin, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy, and others) to manipulate the economy with gold than by raising interest rates. At least with the Federal Reserve, there is a deference to the logic of incentives. Conversely, gold is a plutocrat’s wet-dream. Don’t fall for it.
            The Enemy didn’t hate the Greenback because it was backed by gold (it wasn’t). They hated it because it was an interest free medium of trade that made the US a commonwealth of unrivaled financial freedom.
            A Lincoln Greenback and silver coinage is the Pareto optimal. The American, French, and Russian revolutions didn’t beat them. But freedom is more than a word. It is as immortal.
            Be attentive. Stay informed. Reach out to your brothers and sisters and form community. They can’t keep us from bartering, thinking, innovating, and creating our future. We are at war, and good will triumph. United, Americans cannot be stopped.

          • Can try.
            -Winning the war requires focus, unity, and minimal divisiveness
            -Gold standard is not the answer (re: Franklin, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln)
            -Alongside Greenbacks, silver is a better option (Jackson, Lincoln, William Jennings Bryan, Kennedy)
            Under a gold standard, money isn’t liquid, its value is easily manipulated by plutocrats that control vast gold reserves, and you can’t just “print more gold” when the economy grows and more people are born. It’s worse than a Reserve (which already subverts the common good and robs the commonwealth with raised interest rates)
            Gold is good for two things: jewelry and microprocessors.
            Get rid of the reserve, but don’t replace it with the ultimate plutocracy. There are hundreds of better, tried ideas.

          • Thanks.
            *There realy are no winners in wars as I am sure you would agree.
            *Somehow we made it through thousands of years without “money” then the Italian Medicci’s came up with fractional loan lending.
            *”Precious” metals only recieve value in urban living.
            *Gold is also good for dental work.
            *Get rid of government all together.

    • Replacing it with what?
      Millions of mini-fiefdoms run by the wealthiest landholders in your local area?
      How much is a gallon of milk then?
      Answer; Everything you own right now and you get one.
      Need a gallon of gas?
      Oh, so sorry, seems that every gas station owner has joined in an alliance and gas is now $150.00 a gallon.
      Hope you don’t NEED to get to work.
      Need a mechanic to fix your car? Oh well the labor rate is now the title to your house since they all partnered-up in one consortium and charge $100,000.00 an hour.

  1. What good will going back to the gold standard do, if all gold has been secretly sold off by the bankers. Is there any gold at Fort Knox? Or just gold plated tungsten bars. But by all means end the Fed.

    • You beat me to this. Good for you. What does a gold standard have to do with ” gold redemption coupons” when you have no gold to offer? They would be worthless. Previous President’s and Treasury Secrataries looted the gold a long time ago. Germany has been trying to get their gold back from “safe-keeping” for several years now and still only have about half of it. A gold standard only works when there is gold to back it up. U.S.Treasurey gold has been spent and probably will never come back because the people that know where it went are near death and won’t talk, anyway.

      • The Chinese and Russians have been mining and buying gold – lots of it. I doubt if China’s reserves are around 1,700 tons. The West might get a shock when the true figure is known.

    • It is not just about gold. There are many precious metals, rare minerals, gems, etc., to base currencies on.
      The key is to end central (monopoly) banking, fractional reserve lending, and fiat currency.

      • The key is to liberalize/democratize central banking so that any amount issued to one is guaranteed to another with clear, plain terms and no one who can afford through their own wealth to finance should be allowed to borrow from a bank.
        Only those WITHOUT means should get credit from banks.
        That ends all oligarchy.

  2. Sounds like a good idea until you realize the same people who control the money and its value, also control the gold. It will multiply the evil which owns us today. You have to cut off the head of the serpent and THEN start over again. Who do we owe the national debt to? Them. And who is “them”? If you don’t know yet, you better find out or never be free. You and I are the collateral against the debt.

    • The Fed has some control over a currency, not all money. There are alternative currencies which are superior to fiat. These will replace fiat because eventually no-one will want to accept worthless fiat for payment.

  3. If America nationalized their currency as Hitler did for Germany, they would effectively sever all ties with international bankers, the manipulation of their government and economy would cease, and they would live debt-free. Just as Hitler issued debt-free currency for Germany, Abraham Lincoln setup an interest free banking system in the United States when he was President, and he was murdered for it. Former US president Andrew Jackson issued interest-free currency, and two shots were fired at his head in an assassination attempt, but the shots misfired and he survived. John F. Kennedy issued interest-free currency during his presidency and we all know how he met his untimely demise.

    • + zzzak666
      Yeah, that’s what got Lincoln and Kennedy killed. And if I’m not mistaken, all of the Presidents who got assassinated were making talk of doing the same thing or something similar. The Jews made four attempts to assassinate Andrew Jackson for doing it but he outsmarted them and got away each time. Hopefully Trump can do the same. I hope Trump has truly loyal and honest body guards.

    • Exactly, making these statements seem insane and I really wonder what is going on here as Trump can’t truly be stupid enough to announce something like this as it goes against everything even a half assed negotiator knows. He might as well put the gun to his own head as this will NEVER be allowed to happen.
      Expect Trump to commit suicide with the typical double tap to the chest and one to the head, or have a heart attack with a pillow over his face, or shot in a robbery attempt and have nothing taken, or the tried and true… plane crash.

  4. The Federal Reserve is a de facto cartel. Cartels are illegal. Hence, the Federal Reserve is illegal. Anyone who works there is a felon. Perhaps someday an AG that has read some law will be hired. ©2017

  5. Come on – Trump loves Zionist Israel and won’t harm the Zionist owned Federal Reserve. By the way all reports about Trump bringing Jobs back to America are mostly wrong.

  6. The Fed is totally unnecessary. There is no need to run up a national debt to people who have conned their way to the wonderful privilege of issuing money out of nothing and then lending it to the government. There is a good reason why the money should not be backed by gold. The government, especially in times of war, would have to borrow the gold, paying interest to the same set of usurers as own the Fed. So there would, like with the last set of presidents, be a constant push for war. Better instead to have the price of gold as a benchmark for the currency, as the late Jude Wanniski suggested. The best person to be advising the new president would be Ellen Brown, whose work you can see at

  7. Not going to happen. The US was forced off this system because it could no longer afford to keep purchasing gold to back the new liquidity an economy needs to grow. It could not even afford to replace what went out the gold window as this with this system the currency can be exchanged for physical gold and this was when gold was fixed at $35 oz. At today’s prices and a floating price the US could not only not afford it but you simply cannot manage an economy with a floating price.
    Another problem is the US M3, (deposits, currency, and coins), is over $51 trillion and all of this would have to be backed. The total amount of gold ever mined at today’s prices in less than $9 trillion and subtract out the non monetary gold and this drops significantly. There is not enough gold to even back the US monetary system so forget about the world.
    Those that promote this nonsense attempt to get around this by stating the price will be reset to some ridiculous high value but if the US could not afford it at $35 nor at today’s prices how could it afford it at some much higher price. The fact is a high price collapses this type of monetary system making it unaffordable to keep buying it.

  8. There will be unanticipated consequences to the actions of government. How many seem to ignore this truth? In spite of this truth everyone voices their opinion of what this or that figurehead will accomplish. Trump will likely “rock the boat” and that is the best we can expect. This gold “thing” is a small drop in the ocean that is the current economic environment. I am skeptical of the notion that Trump will do anything directly or significantly as suggested here. The consequences, however, will be in some direction such as to increase the price of gold in dollars. (Or the opposite.)

  9. I voted for Trump to end the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has been unlawfully manipulating up the stock market, destroying value investors. Apparently, Trump may have made a deal with Janet Yellen the night of the election as stock futures were down nicely more than 4% and then came a swift upward manipulation of biblical proportions and it exploded upward since then to a mega-bubble.
    With real GDP growth deeply negative for 8 years running, upon proper accounting using the percentage of the GDP due to deficit spending and using the actual inflation rate, not the contrived one used, stock valuations are now 4 times normal per the dismal economy we are in. The economy is propped up with lies, propaganda, deficit spending, people going deeper into debt, and an unlawfully manipulated up stock market. Record number of adult children living with parents, record low job participation rate, and oppressively high cost of living points to a worsening economy as a whole. The wealthy gobbling up assets which hurts society and the economy further. Too bad Trump isn’t smart enough to know what to do even when put right in front of his face. He should start with the 40-page site,
    I get the propaganda emails from Trump spouting that the economy has improved, as if he could take credit for it when he did nothing to make it so. Besides, it’s still worsening on a real basis despite raw gains in numbers. You have to put into context with population growth, inflation, and cost of living per income to understand in real terms this country is at a third world wealth divide.

  10. Trump’s first item on the agenda should be to demolish the Federal Reserve Building and have it broadcast on every television channel to show we are through with the illicit operation. All the rest should come after, including cutting $1 trillion in yearly compensation to government employees. He is two-faced. I doubt he’ll do anything about the Federal Reserve as I highly suspect him in making a deal with the Fed to keep the market at nose-bleed levels. e moaned about the phony economy based on the upwardly manipulated up stock market and now he brags about it. He complained about Goldman Sachs and yet he filled key positions in his cabinet with them. See him for what he really is!

  11. Down 40% of my wealth since Trump got elected and I am suppose to think all is well? Being far on the correct side of fair value in the stock market and be subjected to unlawful upward manipulation for 8 years is too much to take. This country has gone to the dogs.


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