Adam White of the Hoover Institute tweets, “When a single judge’s retirement turns the entire political world on its ear, we ought to consider that perhaps the Supreme Court has claimed too much power in our republic.”

DISPATCHES FROM THE HOUSE OF STEPHANOPOULOS: ABC Frets, ‘Country Is Going to Change Profoundly’ over Trump SCOTUS Pick. Meanwhile, at Time-Warner-CNN-HBO, “Jeffrey Toobin: ‘Roe v Wade is doomed’” Over at Comcast, … Read more

NRA-Institute For Legal Action Supports “Guns Save Life” In Lawsuit Against Deerfield Illinois Gun Confiscation Ordinance – Confiscation Of Guns In Broward County Without Due Notice.

by Ruby Henley The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action recently  announced support for a lawsuit brought by Guns Save Life challenging the Deerfield, Illinois’ gun confiscation ordinance. The … Read more

Ron Paul Institute Questions Why Is It A “Conspiracy Theory” To Think That Seth Rich Gave Wikileaks The DNC Emails, But Not The Same To Think The Emails Were Provided By Russia? Plus, Seth Rich Speaks On Video.

by Pamela Williams Ron Paul has an article on his site written by Mike Whitney entitled SETH RICH, CRAIG MURRAY AND THE SINISTER STEWARDS OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE.  It is … Read more