President Trump and AG William Barr promised to investigate the origins of the Russia Hoax, now the democrats want to impeach

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After the Mueller report came out AG Barr was called before a committee to testify. During that testimony he promised to investigate the origins of the hoax. President Trump likewise tweeted that he was excited for Barr to get to the bottom of this hoax.

So when President Trump asked for a “favor” and then brings up crowdstrike, he was clearly seeking the cooperation in investigating the origins of the Russian hoax.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that exactly what Barr should be doing and isn’t that exactly what the President should be doing, asking for assistance from a country that played a role in the whole thing?

After Barr stated that he would investigate the corruption and spying on the President, the Dems moved to change the whistleblower reporting requirements and then all of a sudden we have this situation where President Trump is being accused of extortion.

They know what will come out if Barr is able to investigate the origins of the Russian hoax. They know that a lot of high ranking Dems will be implicated in the findings. They need to stop it before it gets to far and that’s exactly what they are trying to do now.




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