Here’s What You’re Missing About Joe Biden’s On Camera Admitted Ukrainian Extortion Quid Pro Quo: Obama.

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According to Joe Biden himself on video when the Ukrainian’s said “You can’t withhold the billion dollars, you’re not The President”, Biden said “Call him.”

And then they fired the prosecutor.

This means Obama extorted Ukraine as well.

And President Obama declined to endorse Biden. Distance folks. Distance.

Not so much anymore.

You can’t untie Obama from Biden in this.

You know what this has written all over it?

Obama knows he’s going down for being an accessory in Biden’s extortion of a foreign government for financial gain unless he throws Biden under the bus.

Barack Obama, the real king of the quid pro quo

Democrats, socialists and others with animosity toward this White House say they’ve found the smoking gun in Donald Trump’s released telephone transcript with Ukraine’s president — the supposed quid pro quo nugget of gold — and that it won’t be long now before impeach, impeach, impeach moves from message to reality.

Clearly, they haven’t. But it’s funny how after eight years of Barack Obama quid pro quo-ing here, there and everywhere, it’s only now Democrats care.

It’s only with Trump that Democrats seem to have gleaned a sense of conscientiously objecting to what they perceive as abusing one’s high office to obtain political or personal favors.

Where were they with Obama?

Green Biz, in March of 2011, ran this: “Barack Obama, Clean Tech and the Political Quid Pro Quo.”

The piece goes on to recount how the Center for Public Integrity published “a long, in-depth look at how some of the Obama campaign’s most prolific fundraisers have gotten loans, grants and special access to [his] administration,” to include a “deep look at how [Steve] Westly, former California state controller and venture capitalist … landed intimate access to the Obama administration.”

The Westly Group funded, among other companies, Tesla Motors. And all the while he was visiting the White House, serving as a member of the Obama administration’s advisory board on energy policy, and so forth and so on, he was raking in half a billion dollars in loans, grants and stimulus bucks for his green companies. That was money from the Obama Energy Department to Westly, the guy who wined and dined with Obama et al with eyebrow-raising frequency. Corruption? Quid pro quo?

As Green Biz put it, such intertwining of politics and business is “about the most commonplace form of political quid pro quo that exists.”

No biggie; nothing to see here; move on? Maybe. “Political sausage-making,” as Green Biz writes, is barely a blip these days.

Did Joe Biden Implicate Barack Obama in Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Scandal?

Barack Obama has not been shy when it comes to criticizing his successor, but he’s been MIA when it comes to defending his former vice president, Joe Biden. He was conspicuously silent when Joe Biden faced allegations of racism for his past opposition to busing and working with segregationist Democrats. Biden clearly survived the temporary controversy because, I suspect, most people deep down recognize that Biden is not a racist.

But this Ukraine business is another matter entirely. Obama could be out there contradicting allegations of impropriety—in fact, he should be because his own vice president has been accused of a quid pro quo. Obama may want to be neutral in the 2020 Democratic primary, but his administration has a fresh quid pro quoallegation and Obama remains tight-lipped about it.

Biden can’t seem to handle this scandal alone. In the past week, he outright lied about whether he discussed his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine, and seems very defensive about it.

Despite Biden’s claims that everything was proper, we have video evidence of Joe Biden bragging about his role in the firing of Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin back in 2016. Shokin was investigating corruption at Burisma Holdings, a Ukranian natural gas firm that Biden’s son Hunter had a high paying job at. Biden told Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko he would withhold a $1 billion loan unless Poroshenko fired Shokin.


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