President Trump Bans Welfare For Immigrants

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President Trump Bans Welfare For Immigrants
President Trump is about to end the longstanding abuse of the American welfare system and ban migrants from getting free money and handouts for five years. The immigration rules will prohibit migrants from coming to the country and taking advantage of free American welfare money right away. It will slow down, or stop, chain migration while protecting American workers and potentially saving taxpayers money.
What used to happen is that people would migrate to America and just live on the free money they received. That’s called welfare abuse. America is open to migrants, but perhaps we don’t want migrants who can’t fend for themselves. Maybe it’s better if people who are self-sufficient migrate to the country so that we can reduce the amount of citizens living off the system. …

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That is one way to decrease the deficit.


14 thoughts on “President Trump Bans Welfare For Immigrants

  1. Here is another FAT WELFARE QUEEN Trump can DUMP:
    Americans are only allowed a few years on welfare . Israel has been a WELFARE QUEEN for over SIXTY YEARS. Americans have to prove they have no “assets” to get welfare. Israel has over SEVENTY BILLION DOLLARS in savings, but STILL collects American CHARITY CHECKS. Americans just got their FOOD STAMPS cut, Israel got an INCREASE while Americans go hungry.
    Israel has a population of approximately 7.7 million, or a million fewer than the state of New Jersey. It is among the world’s most AFFLUENT nations, with a per capita income similar to that of the European Union.[1] Israel’s unemployment rate of 6.8% is better than America’s 7.3%,[2] and Israel’s net trade, earnings, andmen payts is ranked 30th in the world while the US sits at a dismal 193rd.[3]
    While Americans argue about medical care and how much it will cost, Israel has a much more generous medical care program for its citizens and does not need to worry about the costs because it’s paid for by tax-paying American citizens in the aid we give to Israel.
    MEANWHILE America’s infrastructure is collapsing and AMERICAN CHILDREN go to bed HUNGRY & SICK while YOUR TAXES pay for Universal Healthcare for Israel.

    • It’s like tithing to the Rothschild’s!! As with any group, the moment you consider doing something that is not to their benefit, it becomes antisemitic, racism, etc. There is no need to continue to fund Israel, the rich Jews in America continue to fund them. STOP! NOW!
      Besides, America, where is your dignity? Israel holds us like a team of pit bulls to do their bidding!!! For their interests, NOT America’s!

  2. But does that cover the raggiebaggies being imported?????? Probably not…. probably just the beanieweenies…… and their ilk ……..and CERTAINLY NOT the rapefugees from Africa!!!!

  3. Maybe it’s better if countries become self-sufficient so that we can reduce the amount of parasites living off the system. …

    • Israel has been self sufficient for decades…The money we give them is supposedly for defense, but we have nobody there auditing how it is used. I suspect it is used mainly in bribes to us, the EU, UK, etc.

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