President Trump CONFIRMS Mexico WILL pay for the Kate's Wall through 'indirect' payments such as taxing the money illegals send to Mexico

  • President Trump said repeatedly in the campaign that Mexico will pay for a border wall
  • His latest immigration proposal demands Congress pay $25 billion for it 
  •  A former advisor says he will ‘find a way’ to make Mexico pay indirectly
  • One option is to tax remittances that immigrants send to family members in Mexico
  • Fee on high tech workers also being proposed
  • Diverting funds from reworked trade agreements 
  • Tariffs would likely to lead to higher prices for U.S. consumers


Aides to President Trump are digging through a menu of options including taxes and fees that would back up his campaign pledge to force Mexico to pay for a border wall.

The array of options include slapping a tax on payments immigrants send to family members back in Mexico, tweaking trade deals, and requiring skilled workers from other countries to pay.

All are ‘indirect’ forms of payment – and come as Trump is demanding Congress provide $25 billion for a ‘trust fund’ to pay for the wall as part of a broader immigration deal.

A former advisor in close contact with the White House told McClatchy Trump ‘will find a way,” adding: ‘The wall will be funded partially or all by an additional revenue stream.’