President Trump Is Saying: I Will Protect America FIRST! If I Draw A LINE IN THE SAND, And You Cross It, I WILL ERASE NOT IT, BUT YOU. PLUS: A Look At The Vetting Process.

by Pamela Williams
Remember all the promises Obama made but never executed? We have a new President now, and he is ready to put his pen where his mouth is. Remember what President Trump ran on? Didn’t he say, “I will put AMERICA FIRST.” And that is exactly what he is doing. You can count on Trump to do what he says, even if it is unpopular with the citizens, he knows why his voters chose him.
Obama spent 8 years commending terrorists by not acknowledging their works. He opened the United States up to those who wanted to destroy it, by not acknowledging them as terrorists. He seemingly apologized for Americans, and he made us feel we were delusional to think we were in danger. He handed us to the globalists without hesitation.
Obama conducted half-way military interventions, and he thought Americans would not notice. He cut back on our military and fired Generals who questioned him. He made the US a target for radical Islamic terrorists, and he would not even speak the truth. He destroyed legitimate rulers who were fighting terrorists. Half of Libya is now run by ISIS or al Qaeda allies. He helped the Muslim Brotherhood come to power in Egypt. I could go on and on, but I will say this President Trump will not follow in his footsteps.
Something else, Obama is inserting himself into Trump’s Administration, and he needs to step out the way he came in now. You don’t see outgoing Presidents do that to incoming Presidents. Now Obama wants to act, but all he did in his own Administration was all talk and no action. You are seeing the complete opposite with Trump.
Consider this:

Trump is Sending a Message:

Look at what Donald Trump has done since becoming President:

  1. Issued an Executive Order starting the building of the border wall, and repeating the mantra “Mexico will pay for the wall,” even at the cost of Mexico’s President cancelling his planned visit.
  2. Talked about torture, but decided against it after Mattis disagreed.  Trump listens to his Cabinet members while Obama never did.
  3. Issued the Executive Order on refugees.
  4. Fired the Acting Attorney General for refusing to carry out that order.
  5. Withdrew from TPP.
What Will the Refugee Ban do for America?
1.  Once long-overdue security procedures are in place, real refugees interested in a new life in America will be fully welcomed and/or protected.
2.  What will change? Only that Christian refugees in the Middle East left hung out to die by the Obama Administration will finally find safety.
3.  Oversteps are already being corrected, not only by the administration but by our system of checks and balances.
4.  The talk that this action will be a recruiting tool for radical Islamists makes no sense. If you are saying that taking steps to protect America from radical Islamists will trigger moderate Muslims and turn them into jihadis, then they were never “moderate” to begin with.
5.  We have asked for a vetting process.  Trump is giving us that.  What does the vetting process consist of?
Vetting process:
1.  Trump’s rationale makes enormous sense. Overlooked, perhaps intentionally, by critics of his order is the fact that the seven affected countries are hotbeds of terrorist activity. They are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. For years, efforts to ensure would-be terrorists from those nations do not infiltrate our country have been lacking.2.  Improving the “vetting” process during Trump’s temporary suspension is important and should improve homeland security.
3.  Mark Krikorian, who heads the Center for Immigration Studies, thinks Trump’s proposal is overdue. He says there’s value in asking visitors if they support ideals such as tolerance and religious liberty. And he likes Trump’s idea of interviewing friends and relatives of would-be immigrants and checking their social media trail.
4.  Krikorian’s group advocates a reduction in the number of immigrants allowed in the U.S. In his speech this week, Trump agreed cuts would be necessary to carry out the kind of scrutiny he wants.
5.  Last of all, here is an argument against the vetting process, but I do not understand why anyone would object to other countries following the same vetting process. Other countries might retaliate with tougher screening of their own, posing a challenge for Americans when they try to travel abroad. Scott Horsley, NPR News, Washington.
What Points did Trump Run On?
1.  Repeal Obamacare “and replace it with something that benefits everybody”;
2.  “Turn off that spigot” of sending money to China (in the form of debt payments) by taxing them “until they behave properly”;
3.  Renegotiate our foreign trade deals;
4.  Call up the head of the Ford Motor Company and tell them they are going to be taxed at 35 percent for every car coming from Mexico until they decide to nix their plant in Mexico City;
5.  End President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration;
6.  End border crossings from Mexico because some of those border-crossers are “rapists”;
7.  To do that, build a “great, great wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border;
8.  Have Mexico pay for that wall;
9.  Work hard on the Islamic State problem;
10.Stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons;
11.Find the General Patton or General MacArthur from within the U.S. armed forces to “make it really work” in the Middle East;
12.Rebuild the country’s infrastructure — “nobody can do that like me”;
13.Create jobs — “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created”;
14.Save Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security “without cuts”;
15.Protect the Second Amendment;
16.Take the brand of the United States “and make it great again.”
In conclusion:  President Trump is trying to do what he said he would do.  I wish the Democrats would butt out and let him.  I wish Obama would go back to where he came from…wherever that is.  Try having a little respect for a President who is only trying to walk his talk.  It is true that we Americans are not used to that, but we voted for Donald Trump for that very reason. I, for one, am ready to put America first, and those who do not want to do that need to go to …can’t say that, but there are many countries in this world who could give them exactly what they deserve.