President Trump Just EXPOSED Every Dems Worst Nightmare – What they REALLY Think About OPEN BORDERS

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump spoke to reporters on Christmas morning. The president is working on Christmas Day while lawmakers are at home with their families.

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President Trump blasted the “open borders” Democrats during his discussion with reporters.

President Trump: The people of this country want border security. It’s not a question of me. I wasn’t able to be with my family. I thought it was wrong for me to be with my family. My family is in Florida, Palm Beach. I would rather not be doing shutdowns… The only one who doesn’t want the wall are the Democrats because they don’t mind open borders. But open borders mean massive amounts of crime. The Democrats don’t want it because they want open borders. And yet every one of those Democrats approved the wall, or a fence, or very, very substantial barriers… The only time they went against it, the only time. There was only one time, when Donald Trump said we’re going to build a wall.

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