President Trump Participates in a Customs and Border Protection Roundtable

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illegal immigrants dropped immediately after inauguration, but numbers are coming back up: family units and unaccompanied children, as well as immigrants claiming asylum.
These groups can take advantage of loopholes in legislation and court rulings, as well as congestion in court proceedings.
Marked increase in hardened smugglers bringing narcotics (produced in Columbia, Peru, Mexico, China) across border.
The last number is: 45% increase in assaults on Law Enforcement Officers due to increase in narcotics and more determined smugglers.
Investment required in smart border security, such as a border wall system and closing legal loopholes.
INTERDICT Act signed by POTUS was helpful against Fentanyl smuggling.

  • against
  • for “a real wall, – not a little wall like some people said ‘let’s just build a little wall’ – they have that, they don’t work, you need a real wall that will work 99.9%,
  • securing the border, closing loopholes, ending chain migration and canceling the VISA lottery, end catch-and-release,
  • people pouring in from El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico.
  • If we had the right laws passed in congress your job would be a lot easier.
  • You have not been backed up properly for lots of reasons. People are gonna come in based on merit, we’re gonna stop what’s going on.
  • And the big thing is we have to stop with the drugs – because 70+% of crimes in some precincts are drugs related. We send some countries massive aid and they are pouring drugs into our country.
  • Stop aid if countries don’t stop the drugs from flowing in
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>>>>”Border walls work, we’re going to build you one.”<<<<
Once we apprehend someone we have difficulty under the existing laws.
Homeland Security
45 year low in border crossings. Some things holding us up: loopholes, certain judicial decisions. Only about 3.5% of unaccompanied children apprehended by border patrol are eventually removed. and “Our favorite, Ninth Circuit [KEK], says we can only detain family units for a few weeks before releasing them into the community”.
Criminal division:
Example: takedown, operation Raging Bull, 214 MS13 arrests, 189 of them foreign nationals, of them only 5 had legal status in the united states, and of the 193, 64 of them had illegaly crossed the border as unaccompanied children, most of them had now been adults when they comitted the crime, in that one takedown”
When we don’t enforce our immigration laws, MS13 is able to just reconstitute their jailed members of released members from across the borders.
Deputy Secretary
Amongst the worst offenders not taking immigrants back are: Guinnea, Eritreas, Cambodja, for the latter three sanctions have helped.
POTUS: You can only handle this economically, you’re not going to force them in. To the press: if you can go back and tell the Democrats they really have to vote on this, because otherwise it’s going to go on a long time and we can’t let this keep happening to our country. We want to make a deal, they want to use it for political purposes, for elections. DACA is absolutely easy to do. I don’t think Democrats want to take care of DACA-recipients. We have people coming into this country, MS13 and others, the likes of which we’ve never seen in this country. And think about it: they’ve given up on DACA, and that was supposed to be theirs.
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