President Trump’s Budget Terminates Funding For Independent Agencies

By Gabrielle Seunagal
President Trump made headlines once again after his budget plan was released to the public. The plan will eliminate funding for the arts, public media, and additional independent agencies such as the African Development Foundation, the Delta Regional Authority, and many others. A plethora of Americans expressed their dismay at these groups losing their government funding, while others noted the budget’s ability to reduce a portion of America’s national debt.
As one individual stated, we are trillions of dollars in debt and the President has to make certain budget cuts as a means of reduction. They went on to slam liberals for their lack of knowledge regarding budgeting and sacrifice, noting their contentment to remain as ‘debt slaves.’
This individual has a solid point. Art and public media agencies play a role in society, however if their services are truly desired, then customers will be drawn to them. We, as a nation, have a duty to reduce some of our spending if we ever plan to escape the plight of crippling debt. For the time being, independent agencies should rely on customers for their funding.

America’s independent agencies have annual budgets which amount to nearly $300 million dollars; now imagine how much this nation would prosper if we used that funding to aid our veterans who are starving and dying in the streets everyday. Independent agencies serve their purpose, but America has more urgent matters. Although the budget comes as a source of shock and displeasure to some people, in the long run, it will benefit everyone. The President’s plan will save a plethora of money for this country.
It is more critical than ever for Americans to look at the bigger picture when taking a stance on policy issues. At first glance, the President’s budget plan may seem harmful to sponsors and persons involved with independent agencies, but upon further thought, one will recognize that the reduction of government spending is critical to reduce debt. A nation plagued by debt is inherently more vulnerable to recessions and other economic plights. President Trump’s budget plan is only the beginning of his steps to make America great again.

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