The Real Truth Behind Obamacare And Why It Doesn’t Make Sense to Try and Fix It

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by Mark Angelides

Donald Trump has stated that Obamacare was “meant to explode” and the media go into a frenzy of defensive positions and the now expected ridicule of “Trump’s Paranoia”. But the MSM have either very short or very selective memories. Back in 2013, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid was predicting that not only was the whole thing going to collapse, but also that it was meant to by design.
As reported in the Las Vegas Sun at the time:
Reid said he thinks the country has to “work our way past” insurance-based health care during a Friday night appearance on Vegas PBS’ program “Nevada Week in Review.”
“What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction, but we’re far from having something that’s going to work forever,” Reid said.
When then asked by panelist Steve Sebelius whether he meant ultimately the country would have to have a health care system that abandoned insurance as the means of accessing it, Reid said: “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”
And it wasn’t just the Democrats who thought this way. Republican senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, said back in 2012 that “By making private insurance unaffordable for everyone, it will become available to no one. All that will be left is government-centered, government-run, single-payer health care.”
So that’s the past, what about the present? A video came out yesterday of one of Obamacare’s key architects, Jonathon Gruber, where he openly states that:
“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes,” “If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies.”
And that:
“So it was written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are going to pay in — it made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people will get money, it would not have passed.”
“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage, and basically call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever,”
“But that was really critical to getting the thing to pass.”
You can see the video here:

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Obamacare was designed to eventually spiral out of control to the point where no person could actually afford the costs, and from that point there would be David Icke’s wonderful : Problem, Reaction, Solution cry, and in would step the federal Government with a system that puts the State in charge of all Health Care (except of course the Uber-Rich).
State health care does actually work in other countries, but due to the near impossibility of a fully backed mandate in the US system, it can never quite work for America. Trying to fix something that was designed to fail is a waste of time and resources. It is the “Obama Legacy” that is stopping Trump just throwing the whole thing out and starting again. The poorest in society have insurance for maybe the first time, and they feel good about it. They see this as something the government has done for them. But it won’t last. It will fail in its present form, and for that matter, any form it is morphed into. It’s time to get started on something new that puts the long term interests of Americans First.

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  1. Auto insurance does not pay for every day maintenance or normal wear and tear; why should health insurance?

    • Also if you have an auto accident then cancel your policy the next day, the insurance company still has to pay for the accident in full and all the medical expenses no matter how long they take. The reality is that it is not insurance but instead coverage. That’s what they won’t tell us because then the health savings account would happen and people would skimp on their care, much to the disdain of pharma and doctors.

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