President Trump’s Executive Orders: A Quick Look Into What’s Happened So Far

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by Mark Angelides

Executive orders are seen by many new Presidents as a way of getting things done quickly. Obama signed 275 of them, GW signed 290 and Bill Clinton signed 363. Just two months into his Presidency, Donald Trump has (to date) signed off 27 executive orders so far, the success of many have yet to be determined. Here’s a rundown of all EO up to the 13th of March:
January 20th
Providing Relief from the Affordable care Act.
Freezing all regulations.
January 23rd
“Mexico City Abortion” policy.
Scrapping US involvement with T-Tip.
Freezing the Federal workforce.
January 24th
Dakota Access Pipeline.
Keystone XL Pipeline.
Expediting Environmental reviews.
“Made in America” Pipelines.
Review of domestic manufacturing guidelines.
January 25th
Increase Border Security measures.
Crackdown on undocumented aliens.
January 27th
Visa and refugee reevaluation. (Since rescinded)
Strengthen the military.
January 28th
Reorganize the National Security Council.
Lobbying Ban.
ISIS defeat plan.
January 30th
Reducing Regulations
February 3rd
Regulating the Financial system.
February 9th
Crime Task Force.
Preventing Violence against Police.
Tackle International (transnational) Crime.
February 24th
Enforcing Regulatory Reform.
February 28th
Review of the US Water Rule.
Supporting Historically Black Colleges & Universities.
March 6th
Revised Travel Restrictions (from earlier EO).
March 13th
Reorganize the Executive Branch.
There’s lots of ideas there, some better than others. Let us know which ones you think are the Good, the Bad  and the Ugly in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank You judge jerkoff of Hawaii, under the precedent upon which your entire rejection of PRESIDENT Trump’s E.O. is based, Ruth Ginsberg is disqualified from sitting in on any appeal by the President. Ginsberg ran her wrinkled old trap during the campaign and established her BIAS and PREJUDICE against anything Trump. Either words SHE as an established justice said during the campaign weigh as much as Trumps as a candidate , or your whole “ruling” is the CRAP you and it smells like. The court is thus not locked 4 to 4, and I have to wonder how many other judges ran their traps.

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