President Trump’s First Day On His Trip Abroad Is A Smashing Success! More Jobs And Investments! And Melania Wows!

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by Pamela Williams
President Trump started the first day of his trip abroad in Saudi Arabia. He was elated as he described the day as “a tremendous day”…bringing in billions of jobs and investments in America.  Trump said this to reporters on Saturday:  
“That was a tremendous day.  I just want to thank everybody.  But tremendous investments in to the United States, and our military community is very happy, and we want to thank you and Saudi Arabia.  But hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”
The following are some of the major deals made by President Trump for the United States:

  1. Joint vision statement between the United States and Saudi Arabia,
  2. Private sector agreements,
  3. Defense agreements worth $110 billion effective immediately and worth an additional $350 billion over ten years, and
  4. US companies employed to build infrastructure for Saudi Arabia.

President Trump and the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, immediately bonded.  As the President and First Lady stepped off the plane, they were greeted as royalty.   I have to comment on Melania’s black and gold flowing attire.  Both she and President Trump wowed the Saudi Kingdom.
The following comment was made by Anne Coulter:  Saudi Arabia gave Trump warmer reception than “beta male” Obama because he’s a strong alpha male.  Leave it to Anne Coulter to make a statement such as this, but it is an interesting comparison of the two Presidents.  Possibly one of the requirements as President should be “strong alpha male.”  Actually this is an important attribute for a powerful man and leader, and it lends itself well to President Trump.  
I welcomed the blatant and bold mannerisms of President Trump, as I had grown tired of the docile Obama.  I missed the leadership of a President, who happily bonded with Americans inciting confidence and genuine caring.  
President Trump and First Lady Melania have opened their arms to Americans from day one, and I have really welcomed their cordial and empathetic nature.  Although President Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, one could say he worked for it.  He started working in construction at an early age, and he was always standing beside the American blue collar worker.
As for First Lady Melania Trump, she was not born with that silver spoon.  She was blessed by God with her extraordinary beauty, and she began modeling at an early age.  She prospered from that whirlwind career, and it offered her the life she has now.  I have to say she is the most elegant and graceful First Lady America has been blessed with.  Of course, this is my own personal opinion.  Not only that, I am drawn to her sincere and empathetic nature.  I see her as an authentic soul in this world of imposters.
President Donald Trump will use the nation that is home to Islam’s holiest site as a backdrop to call for Muslim unity in the fight against terrorism Sunday, as he works to build relationships with Arab leaders.
On the second day of his first trip abroad, Trump sought to demonstrate that he’d made progress with an agreement with Gulf Arab states on countering terrorist funding.
Under the memorandum of understanding with the Gulf Cooperation Council announced in Saudi Arabia, participants are pledging to prosecute the financing of terrorism, including individuals. The White House did not immediately release the document. But White House adviser Dina Powell said she hoped the deal with Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates would be the “farthest reaching commitment to not finance terrorist organizations” and would lead to prosecutions.
Trump’s Sunday speech, the centerpiece of his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, will address the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries to cast the challenge of extremism as a “battle between good and evil” and urge Arab leaders to “drive out the terrorists from your places of worship,” according to a draft of the speech obtained by The Associated Press.
Saudi Arabia’s leaders soured on Obama, and King Salman did not greet him at the airport during his final visit to the kingdom. But on Saturday, the 81-year-old king, aided by a cane, walked along the red carpet to meet Trump as a fleet of military jets swept through the sky, leaving a red, white and blue trail in their wake. During a ceremony at the grand Saudi Royal Court, the king awarded Trump the Collar of Abdulaziz al Saud, the theocracy’s highest civilian honor.
Trump bent down so the king could place the gold medal around his neck. Saudi Arabia has previously bestowed the honor on Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Theresa May and Obama.
The president’s stop in Saudi Arabia’s dusty desert capital kicked off his first foreign trip as president, an ambitious, five-stop swing that will take him through the Middle East and into Europe. He’s the only American president to make Saudi Arabia — or any Muslim-majority nation — his first overseas visit.
Trump arrived in Riyadh besieged by the fallout from his controversial decision to fire FBI Director James Comey and more revelations about the federal investigations into his campaign’s possible ties to Russia. But escaping Washington for the gold-plated embrace of the Saudi royal family — a decor not so unlike Trump’s own Manhattan home — appeared to give the president a boost.

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12 thoughts on “President Trump’s First Day On His Trip Abroad Is A Smashing Success! More Jobs And Investments! And Melania Wows!

  1. Just don’t bow TOO LOW Trumpy.
    In oriental culture how low you bow is symbolic of how subordinate you are.

    • BOO, she is so dignified that she rules…period. She accepts it all in a humble and graceful way. It does not matter what comes her way, she is the essence of female perfection. In a woman’s world of being a married to an alpha male, sometimes that woman plays second fiddle to that alpha demeanor. He gets carried away with his power, and a wise woman will step back rather than challenge what she cannot understand. Women will never understand an alpha male. The beta male is attuned to the feminine energy, so friendship is what a woman will receive from that relationship. I am married to an alpha male, and I must say I deserve much praise for my intuition in knowing when to stand back.

      • OK OK . They could have had at LEAST an ATTENDANT walk WITH HER, for the PR.Trump may be full of himself but should show SOME GOOD SENSE.
        So FAR NOTHING but Jewish bait and switch,that starts civil wars at home STOP IT and rebuild the US!

  2. (1) Saudi Arabia and the ruling Saudi family are the founders and big backers and supporters of those extremist Jihadis from days of Afghanistan’s war against the Soviets. The Sunni Saudis dream of exterminating the Shia Syrian & Iranians.
    (2) Turkey/Erdogan, dreaming of a new Ottoman Empire, wants Syrian land, Erdogan wants to complete the CONQUEST of Europe that was stopped by SOBIESKI in 1683 …..
    (3) Israel grabbing Syrian land for “greater israel”, creating hell on earth while clearing enemy population from around it’s borders and —-
    (4) America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves ……..
    Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for “greater israel” while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time.
    We should be BOMBING all three.

    • Good guys and bad guys? This is the world we live in. However, a President must act to represent the Country he works for. The American people chose Trump, because he campaigned on the economy and jobs. If an American does not have the ability to support himself or his/her family, this is the root problem which will control quality of life. Poverty is a killer. War is a killer. President Trump is working to fulfill his promise of bringing jobs to America. That is the focus at this time…not bombing Saudi Arabia.

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